Ancient Nautilus Fossil "Peace And Harmony" Necklace. Infused with calm soothing energies.

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Just By Putting This Ancient Fossil Necklace On, You Feel Yourself Come Back Into Balance And Harmony With The World!
Renowned World-Wide For Aligning Your Energies So You Can Heal And Grow. Brings A Strong Sense Of Peace.
Features beautiful and unusual nautilus (ammonite) fossil, turquoise jasper, moonstone and 925 silver chain. Energy channeled and personally blessed by Energy Artist Julia.
Hand made in a sacred space in -- our Gypsum Colorado new age studio. Adjustable size 17" to 20" inches.
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(An original Energy Artist Julia Design)


Dear Friends, 
When I reach out with my heart to you, I feel so much potential for joy, love, delight, transformation and spiritual bliss. I feel for you and want to do all I can to help you heal and grow. And I know that finding balance and harmony is key to this.
As an artist and channeler I throw every ounce of my energy into bringing you relief from your troubles and worries through my creations… so you can walk in the light as the creator intended. 
So today I’m releasing one more of my creations to help you …, a nautilus fossil necklace that captures the mathematical perfection of all creation through a “sacred geometry” design. 
Energy healers believe this ocean fossil is special because when you divide the measured size of one of its chambers by the one before it, you always come up with the same “Golden Mathematical Ratio” that is found in all of nature.  
When you gaze upon the nautilus, you realize that you are seeing actual proof that there is a harmonious blueprint for the universe, that the creator is at work and that you are part of that plan. Its energies help bring balance and peace to your life so you can heal and transform.
And as an ocean creature, the nautilus also brings you the soothing flow of energies like you had when sitting on the sands and listening to the waves all day.
What’s more, I’ve added turquoise jasper, a stone that brings alignment of mind and spirit through calming, soothing energies. It balances your energies, unifies aspects of your life that seemed at odds and allows healing by connecting you to the rhythms of nature and the ocean.
Finally, I added moonstone to further accelerate the intuitive, feminine side of this piece that allows subconscious healing through a deep understanding that goes far beyond words.
The moonstone helps you to entwine with the mystery of nature and feel its magical rhythms. It connects you with the soothing flow of the great ocean tides that are controlled by the moon.
If you are feeling out of sorts, stuck or distant from what is going on around you, this design brings you back into alignment with the universe and life around you. I guarantee you will feel the difference when you put it on.*
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Energy Artist Julia
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