Boulder Opal “Bright And Happy Future” Earrings - Early Release

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The boulder opal found in these earrings is so beneficial, that wearing it is said to even change your future in astounding and positive ways 
Very High Demand For This Item So Hurry. This is a stone the new age ladies swarmed over at the last show. Everyone wants it.  Earring length 2 1/2" Inches.

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Note: As natural stones these can vary in color as much as 30%. Also includes blue apatite which helps you better manifest all the benefits it brings and pearls to bring a deeper sense of contentment. This is an early release before we could do full photography.


Dear Friends,
When I first saw these beautiful specimens of boulder opal, I said “what is that?” And I instinctively had to touch them.  
They were not only beautiful but I saw so many things in them - so many possibilities for my future, so many levels in which they work and so many things they might do for me.
And new age ladies were swarming over them at the show, buying them as fast as they could. They said they rarely saw boulder opal that was so good, and all their clients already want this stone. 
I decided to purchase all I could for you.
Then I learned that they do an enormous number of things for you when you wear them …. so much so that they are believed to change your future for the better. Most stones do just a few things. These do so much that all I could do was create a list for you.
Here is what they do for you.
Good Luck - they are said not only bring you good luck and wealth, but they are worn extensively because they are said to set in motion things that will bring you abundance for years to come.
Past Life Recall - they are believed help you see your past lives more clearly, even when awake, and learn from them things that benefit you now.
Purity Of Mind And Heart - they are known to spiritually cleanse you so you can work and live at an optimal level, and grow spiritually with more ease. They remove negative attachments that are sucking your energies and strength.
Mental Clarity - they have been reported to clear the mind so things come easier to you.
Emotional Security - people say they make you feel less frantic or worried, especially about the future, so you can live in the moment and get the most out of life.
Spiritual Growth - many report that they help you grow to new levels of spiritual power, understanding, wisdom, and insight.
Prophesy And Visions - spiritualists say that they facilitate “seeing” as in you know the possible outcomes of your future and hopefully chose the one that is best for you.
Cleansing Of The Aura - they are reputed to help you receive this immense spiritual health benefit. 
Access The Subconscious While Awake - by helping with this, they are said to give you access and use of more of your mental abilities. 
Faith In A Good Future - many say they help you look forward to your future, and believe things will be even better for you, instead of fearing what might happen. 
Sense Of Well-Being - they make many feel like things are all right, bringing comfort and satisfaction with life.
Good Relationships Including Romantic Ones - they have been used to help you attract love and improve all relationships, romantic or otherwise.. 
Flexibility In Dealing With Change - they are known to make you more versatile in dealing with coming changes, which is a known key to survival and thriving in this word.
Protection From Bad Energies - They are said to protect you from toxic individuals and negative energies. 
Energy Healing - they have been used in energy healing practices. 
Replenishment Of Drained Energies - they are said to fill you with good energies when you feel drained, and even to clear your other stones of negative energies.
Feelings Of Joy For Life - they are known to raise your spirits, feelings of joy and happiness.
Success Through Strong Belief - they are said to improve your faith and belief, a cornerstone to accomplishing what you want.
Energy Blessed And Activated
I’ve used my channeling methods to activate your stones so they can work optimally for you and bring you all the good they contain.
It isn't a question of should you have it,
but rather, how soon can you get it.
Great Value - Hurry before prices go up
I purchased these before prices went way up, and am charging the old prices for now. I cannot sell them again at this price, so please act now if you want them.
A Must Have Stone
There is so much for you to gain by wearing this stone that it only makes sense to have it, and wear it often … and step into your bright and happy future.
Energy Artist Julia
Don't Wait
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They have activated by Julia to really release their powers, and
You have a risk free way to try it, so
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