Cat's Eye Moonstone Traveler's Protection Ring

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Wearing This Cat's Eye Moonstone Can Make You Feel Much More Protected When You Have To Drive Around Town... Guaranteed.*
Known as the "traveler's protection" stone, this moonstone has been used since at least the middle ages to protect people on their travels.
Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.  Petite but substantial 9 x 9 x 6 mm guaranteed authentic cat's eye moonstone set in 925 silver.
"I'm wearing this every time I have to go to go out and do errands, just to be safe. " ~Energy Artist Julia
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Dear Friends,
Like most of you, I’m limiting my trips out while this virus is going on. But I have to go to the grocery store and a few other places. There is just no way around it. 
And while my studio is a very sterile place where I can go, because we’ve always had really strict guidelines for hand washing and stone cleaning, the grocery store is not.
So I’ve taken all the necessary precautions. But now, when I have to go out, I also wear moonstone which has been known for many centuries to protect you when you travel.  
This belief may have in fact come about way back in the middle ages when there were much more deadly things out there when you had to go somewhere, like plagues that destroyed entire cities. So to be safe, just in case, I’m also wearing moonstone.*
I’ve been waiting to release these cat’s eye moonstone rings, and today, spirit told me this is the time when it will be most needed by you.  This stone has all the immense protective powers of moonstone, and much more. 
It also exhibits deeply mystical powers of wordless insight, enhanced intuition and creativity, god fortune, harmony, magical love and acceptance, and increased wisdom and intellect.
And most of all, the rare phenomenon of the cat’s eye known as chatoyancy, empowers you to see through dark times and find your way to prosperity and safety when others cannot.
So yes, with this knowledge, and knowing what is going on in the world, it makes perfect sense that spirit would place this stone in this ring for me to distribute to you and others.
And on a much lighter note, I should point out that the rings are just so cool. I move mine back and forth on my finger to look at the way it captures light and looks like a cat’s eye.  It is magical. I love it!
Beware Of Imitations
I have been seeing much less valuable selenite rings, that have some of the same type of light reflection, being sold as cat’s eye moonstone. This is not the same stone and considering it is being sold under dubious circumstances, I feel its energies will not be good. 
Mine is guaranteed authentic cat’s eye moonstone. It is shipped from our sacred space studios in Gypsum, CO, and is sold both with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.
My Hope For You
I’ve expressed my wish to bestow upon you all the mystical powers of the cat’s eye moonstone, and that you also can feel a little more secure when you have to travel, far away or just around town.  You still have to take all necessary precautions. This provides an extra level of spiritual comfort.
So best of luck in the coming weeks, and be sure to wear your moonstone.
Energy Artist Julia
What's The Hold Up?
You have a risk free, way to bring relief from fear when you just have to go out, and
You get to wear something beautiful, so
Act now, before it is too late and see how much better you feel.
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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.
*Note Regarding Uses And Warranty:  This item is focused on healing and protection of the spirit only. It is not intended for physical healing or protction from physical ailments like a virus and you should seek medical help for physical and emotional ailments.  This is not intended to replace professional financial or investment advice.   This a crystal and as such, if you hit it on a solid object it will crack or break. We do not warranty breakage under those circumstances. All items are inspected for defect before we send them out. *Our obligation under this guarantee is limited to the price paid directly to us for the item. No other warranties are hereby made. Stone grade and carats is subjective and a best estimate based on available data.



Product Reviews

  • 5
    Cat’s eye Moonstone ring

    Posted by Phyllis on Aug 28th 2020

    The ring is gorgeous! I absolutely love it.

  • 5
    Astonishing Quality!

    Posted by Michelle M. on Jun 22nd 2020

    (Apologies for the tardiness of this review - my ring was lost for 2 months in my country's postal system! It is a miracle it arrived at all!)

    If any part of a stone's magick can be measured by how many times a day you look at it, and turn the ring to watch it play the light, then this is a truly Magickal piece!

    I come from a lapidary background, and I judge all my stones and crystals by their gem quality as much as by the way they Call to me.

    I have loved Moonstone for as long as I can remember, and the stones in these rings are the cleanest, whitest, (and truly translucent,) stones I have seen in more than 25 years ... I doubt that I will see Moonstone of this quality again - if I had the means, I would buy every one that was left, just so I could use the stones.

    That there are any left, baffles me! The only explanation I can think of, is that too many people believe "Rainbow Moonstone" IS actually Moonstone? It isn't a Moonstone at all - it is White Labradorite!

    THESE rings may be the only *real* Moonstone you've seen, but because of the 'Rainbow Moonstone' fallacy, you may not realise how remarkable these rings are - clean, genuinely white, clear Moonstone has become incredibly difficult to find. I wasn't sure the ring would live up to the photos, but the stone is even more impressive 'in person!' The quality just blew me away, and I absolutely love my ring!

    In 30 years, I have bought 3 Moonstone rings: one is edging a bit into grey; and I honestly thought the other was the best stone I would ever see; this one is twice the quality of the latter.

    There is no stone like Moonstone to make you Feel that connexion to the Moon in all Her phases, to Lunar energy, to the Moon Goddesses; and there is very little out there to compare with the quality, and light play of these Moonstones. I truly doubt I'll see anything to match this stone again.

    I do have an exquisite 'Rainbow Moonstone' ring too, but I KNEW what the stone was when I chose it - NOT a Moonstone.

  • 5
    Cats eye moonstone ring

    Posted by Laura C. on Apr 8th 2020

    Simply beautiful ❤️❤️ I absolutely LOVE this ring. Julia’s pieces are always a blessing to receive