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"Heart Of Africa" Shamanic Healing Ring- Prehnite & Black Tourmaline

$99.00 $89.00
Finally A Ring That Protects And Heals You At The Same Time You Are Healing Or Counseling Others - Prehnite & Tourmaline. You'll never be energetically drained again!
South African shamans’ choice stone provides self healing, prophesy and protection while doing healing, counseling or shamanic work. Also helps you avoid codependent relationships that might arise from close bonds with those you heal. Helps emotionally disentangle you from the dramas of others.

We guarantee that if you get this sacred ring, and focus on its energies for two weeks, you will notice you are no longer tied up in the negative dramas or emotions of those around you who you are trying to help.  If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund*

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ABOUT: WE GUARANTEE PURITY AND QUALITY!  Authentic prehnite stone and 925 silver. Color - light green to very light green with black tourmaline bits.

You will not find this quality ring at this price anywhere. But we only have less than 10 available per size, so act now!

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! 

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Dear Friends, 

Being a healer, personal confidant or counselor, whether you do it just for close friends and family or you do it professionally can leave you open to a lot of bad energies (and more) that eventually will break down even the strongest person. 
It is additionally risky for those of us who are also empaths or who perform healing without having protection and clearing via protective gems like prehnite. Picking up negative “stuff” is a common problem.
I also had this problem a year ago when when family members were latching onto me, getting me involved in never-ending circular negative dramas and really sucking the life out of me.
But it all went away once I started wearing prehnite. It was almost magical how it disentangled my emotions from the negative emotions of the people I was trying to help.
Wearing prehnite made me see that due to my empathy I was more enabling them than helping them. As a result I was able to set them on a new course and reduce unhealthy attachments to me. 
The prehnite stone in this ring is known’ as the healer’s healing stone. It has been used by shamans in South Africa for millennia to heal those who heal others. Plus it provides protection and greatly enhances the ability of prophesy so you can guide people down the right path.
And this prehnite also contains bits of black tourmaline throughout the green stone which greatly enhances its protective powers during ritual work. It is both beautiful and functional.
You won't find a better stone to protect you while engaged in healing or other spiritual work.
Really, once I experienced its energies, I now would never be without prehnite when dealing with the pain of others, and trying to help them. 
If you are getting to the point where you feel like others are feeding from your strength … if it is wearing you out and you need a break … or if you just want to make sure you never get to this point, this is the perfect ring for you to wear.
I guarantee it will spiritually protect you, heal your spiritual energies, keep you from getting drained and if used right provide you greater power of prophesy. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Financing And Payment Plans Now Available. 
You don't have to pass this up just because you are a little low on cash. If you need more time to pay, I am offering terms as good as 0% interest for 6 months on your purchase through paypal. Just check credit at checkout if you need extra time.

All photographic images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins  All rights reserved.

* These items are made for healing of the spirit and spiritual protection only.  They are not a substitute for medical, financial or professional advice of any kind or physical protection.  Our guarantee only covers the price paid directly to us for the item  -  which is our only obligation under this guarantee. Warranty does not cover damage from hitting gems on a hard surface. All gems are inspected prior to shipment for damage. Notify us within 24 hours of receiving your stone if there is damage or we will assume it arrived safely.  In purchasing you agree to these terms. 


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