Helios - A Vision Of Light - Metaphysical Horse Energy Ring

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In Greek mythology, Helios was the god of light and the sun whose white steeds pulled his chariot across the sky. The appearance of white horses in dreams and visions is considered more than just incredibly good luck. It represents that you are in the favor of the divine.

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From The Artist

The image of two white horses is packed with archetypal symbolism. If you think about it, this imagery really affects you on a subconscious level as it has humans for millennia. Really, the appearance of two white horses like these represents big medicine, purity and divinity. I named the painting used to create this ring Helios as the personification of light and all the things that means to so many cultures. It is there to remind you that in you, and in each one of us is a divine light and perfection.

Available Rings

Hand crafted with loving care. Chakra balanced and energy enhanced by the artist. Fired resinated glass and ground opal on verified solid sterling silver.

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About Our Silver and Quality 

For our rings we only purchase quality silver from reputable companies that guarantee purity. In addition we go to great extremes to ensure that everything we make is perfect or near perfect workmanship and that it will last when worn daily, under many different conditions over extended periods of times. Our motto is if it isn't fabulous, we won't sell it.

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