Lady Of The Ocean Free-Form Keshi Pearl Earrings - Rainbow Peacock Pearls

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These "Lady Of The Ocean" Keshi Pearl Earrings Release You Into The Mystical Flow Of The Waves, The Sands And The Mysterious Ocean Deep.
Discover Below The Song Of The Ocean I Channeled When I Made These For You
These bring you back to that moment when you looked across the waters and felt peace in your heart.  Energy channeled with the song of the ocean (see below) whose powers now reside within these pearls ... and are just waiting for you to touch them so you can experience their flow, their deep ocean tranquility. 
Guaranteed authentic keshi peacock pearls with 925 silver post backings.  Hand made. "An Authentic Energy Artist Julia Design".
Very limited availability. These always sell out quickly.  Consider getting one pair for you and one for a friend or family member. Pearl stack size 2" inches.  Long "dangly" part can easily be trimmed to your liking after you get them. Most people leave them long though because they add elegance and style.
Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee, a 120 day exchange guarantee and also a guarantee that they will have energies which help you connect to the ocean's tranquility.*

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Note: Keshi pearls are naturally formed without inserting a bead. They freely take on the shape of nature and the waters that flow over them which why the spiritually minded often prefer them. These are very light to wear.


Dear Friends, 

As I made these earrings for you, and as the Keshi pearls stacked in unique and unusual ways, a song came into my head. Words from the green and blue waters channeled through me, moving my hands to make these creations beautiful. This is what they said:
I am the lady of the ocean.
My heart reaches out across the sands to water’s edge,
while the sun warms my spirit. 
My mind flows out through the waves, 
My soul connects down into the mysterious deep, 
The tides flow over and purify me.
And I feel at peace.
And I will feel this way, forever.
I believe it was the ocean singing her song through me so I could make these creations. It almost sounded like a mermaid singing. And the power of those words filled the pearls, where it still resides waiting for you to pick them up and feel their energies. Touch them and they will talk to you.
When I finished realized I had been under the ocean’s spell. I looked at the earrings, and said “I have your name. You are the Lady Of The Ocean Earrings.”
It just felt right. 
My ancestors are from the islands, which is why I naturally resonate with these earrings, and why I could even make them. But I also know there are many more ocean ladies out there … women like you who feel the magnetic pull of the water, who find great peace from the sounds of the waves. 
So I made some for you. Because you are an ocean lady too.  

Just looking at them here, in these photos takes you back to a moment from your past, looking out over the waters where you felt a deep peace and tranquility in your heart.  If it is that strong now, just imagine what it will be like when you actually put them on and walk around?  It is quite an experience.

Put them on and their magic will surround you, and you will once again feel yourself become the mysterious Lady Of The Ocean. I guarantee it.:

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Special Note:  Like the ocean, these earrings never look exactly the same way twice.  They are natural and you can move them into unusual shapes as you like.  I just let them fall where they will, and realize that they change as my mood changes.  I can actually look in the mirror at them and know what I am feeling deep down.  The design truly is of the ocean.

*Note Regarding Uses And Warranty:  This item is focused on healing and protection of the spirit only. It is not intended for physical healing and you should seek medical help for physical and emotional ailments.  This a crystal and as such, if you hit it on a solid object it will crack or break.  We do not warranty breakage under those circumstances.  All items are inspected for defect before we send them out. *Our obligation under this guarantee is limited to the price paid directly to us for the item.  No other warranties are hereby made. 
Copyright Julia Watkins


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    Amazing earrings!

    Posted by Dominique D Paillet on Sep 12th 2019

    Those earrings are absolutely gorgeous!!
    They carry the power of the Ocean.....
    And such Magic!!
    The unstoppable strength of the Water Element!....