Malachite Positive Protection Energy Necklace - Guaranteed authentic stones deflect negativity.

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I’m Going To Show You How You Can Use My Negativity Absorbing Malachite Necklace To Break This Terrible, Debilitating Grip Of Fear And Panic -- For You And Your Family — And Possibly Give Yourselves The Best Chance Of Getting Through This.
Learn Below How You Have Been Prepared For This Moment Since Before Your Birth -- And What Spirit Wants You To Do Now
This necklace features guaranteed authentic negativity absorbing malachite, second sight tiger's eye and gold plate beads. Adjustable size 15" to 36" inches.
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There is nothing like the change you feel from putting this on. You feel its powers deflect all negative energies and beam back love to the source, loosening the grip of fear. You can feel it allow you to heal and attract abundance back into your life. - Energy Artist Julia

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Dear Friends, 
I need your help saving us … you, me and our families from a negative energy that is spiraling out of control and gripping our society in extreme fear. So I’m going to explain how we can do this and pull everyone back into the light. 
I should also add that you have been prepared since long before your birth for this moment. I am here to help you realize this and take your place in our world as a great healer.
Right now, I sense in my very core that extremely strong negative energies are trying to seep into every aspect of our society and culture, constantly popping up in unexpected and shocking places. 
Each day there is some new aspect of this pandemic spelling major changes to our lives and world we cannot fully process. It is scary. “What will become of us?” is a question many are asking.
And while there is lot of troubling news, some of the things I am now hearing about this virus have no basis in fact and are going into the realm of panic, delusion and mania. It is like an untamed beast has ben given free reign by our own imaginations gone wild. 
But I sense a weakness in this beast. I feel the crazy energies have mistakenly stuck their necks out way to far. We now have a way to bring this back into check by centering our energies, grounding and doing the instructions I will give you.
I guess you can simply try to do some meditations for this. It will help. But what spirit has told me we should do, in addition to meditation is wear really good quality malachite like I am showing you here. I’ve been sitting on this malachite necklace and earring design for some time, and now spirit tells me it is time to release it.
The ancients said that malachite protects us from these kind of extremely unbalanced negative vibrations. It draws out spiritual pollutants, grounding them in mother earth and taming their ferocity so we can see things as they truly are, in a balanced way.
Malachite is like a spark of nature, a plant made of all living things that takes even the most outlandish and wild negative energies, absorbing them and turing them to nothing. It even bounces the powers of their negative energies back on them, so the more they attack, the stronger the defense.
So what you have to do when you wear this, is visualize all this negativity coming at you and your family converting into even more powerful positive energies, and flowing directly back at the source of the negativity. Then at the same time add some of spirit’s energies and even some of your own to the backflow as it overcomes this thing we are fighting, with pure love. Do this every time you sense the fear.
Ultimately, love, harmony, peace and positivity is the key to saving you and your family.
Now I’m not saying that this malachite will destroy a virus. What I”m saying is that it will give you space and help you tame your own racing heart and emotions, so you can deal with all the changes to come through your balanced spiritual center. 
This might give you the best chance of survival. Research has shown in the past that positivity combined with modern medicine has given people the very best opportunity to fight off illness. While it hasn't been tested on this virus, it has worked for others.
And please keep in mind that even if we cannot stop the storm, as light beings of the new age, we can still control our own vibrations and keep all we love spiritually protected until it passes. This is what you and I were born to do and have prepared for our entire lives.
So go out, be spiritually strong for yourself and your family, and project only love back to this cloud of negative energy. I am confident in you. You can do this.
And if you need help, wear some authentic malachite. 
Energy Artist Julia
About My Malachite - Don’t be fooled by imitations
My jewelry has extremely high quality, guaranteed malachite stones. They are cool to the touch no matter the temperature, and have solid, negativity absorbing and grounding properties.
Right now, because it is in such high demand there is a huge amount of fake malachite out there which is why I test all of mine. Two years ago we got in a shipment of it, tested it and had to send it all back because it was not real. Just today I spoke with a lady who followed our tests and discovered all of her malachite beads were actually dyed clay and resin. You have to be so careful with who you buy it from.
What you get from me will be real and tested. It is too important not to.  
I’m going to try to get more malachite for these necklaces and earrings. I think I have enough for a while, being that I purchased a lot of it in Tucson. But many of my sources have now dried up, for at least the next 3 weeks. So if you want this, please don’t hesitate.

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    One of my favorite pieces

    Posted by DJOURA ABBAS on Apr 15th 2021

    I love all the pieces that I bought from Julia but this is one of my favorite. Really, the picture does not do it justice. I love wearing it and I keep feeling the stone. Really beautiful and feeling the positivity meaning from it.

  • 5
    Even better than expected

    Posted by DJOURA ABBAS on Mar 25th 2021

    I bought a few pieces of jewelry and I want to wear them all at the same time. And I did just that the few few days following receipt. They are all gorgeous pieces that I caught myself looking at throughout the day. This necklace is great. Better than picture. I felt great wearing it.

  • 5
    Even Prettier In Person

    Posted by JC Klum on Jun 22nd 2020

    It is astounding.