Ocean’s Treasures Pearl Abundance Necklace - Keshi Peacock Pearls. Bohemian Design

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Ancient Mariners Knew That Wearing Pearls Brings You Good Luck, Protection And Fortune.
And these dazzling, energy infused, free form keshi pearls are the luckiest of them all! 

Wearing this, you walk through this often chaotic and angry world, and instead of it getting you down, you feeel, light, airy, filled with the beauty of life and altogether lucky.

Hand selected, naturally formed keshi rainbow peacock pearls with leather. Energy cleared, infused and personally blessed by me. Made in a sacred space in our Gypsum Colorado new age studio. 36" inches. Guaranteed authentic pearls.

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(An original Energy Artist Julia Design)


Dear Friends, 
Could you use a little more fortune and abundance in these times?
What if you you could walk through this often chaotic and angry world, and instead of it getting you down, you felt, light, airy, filled with the beauty of life and altogether lucky? 
What if you could also feel confident and secure that your essence and psyche is protected?
The ancients knew pearls made this all possible. And that's what this pearl necklace does for you ... guaranteed.*
About The Protection And Good Luck Of Pearls
So many of our legends are about gaining treasures from the ocean deep. We venture to the shores and into the blue waters, and the ocean gives back more than just peace of mind from her gentle flows … she gives us her treasures.
And the treasures she gives are great bounty, making fortunes for those who are blessed, lucky and protected. 
That’s why ancient mariners began wearing pearls. They discovered pearls provide strong protection when traversing dangerous or unknown waters, or in today’s world, uncertain and angry times. They brought both inner peace and great luck in the discovery of fortune, opportunity and even treasure.
And pearls are just as lucky today as they were then.
Pearls really are a metaphor for your life. Like the ancient mariners who wore them, you travel into a mysterious unknown, searching for the treasures of spiritual growth and transformation. And with the helpful mystical powers of pearls, the journey becomes easier.
So for you I’ve assembled this dazzling necklace from the luckiest pearls of all… rainbow peacock pearls.  
But in keeping with our new age focus on the flow of nature’s energies and the harmony it brings to the soul, I chose Keshi pearls. 
These pearls are naturally formed, without inserting any beads to get them started. They’re created from the natural rhythms and flows of water.
You really cannot look upon them and thinking they are beautiful treasures from the ocean … and as like attracts likes, wearing them brings to you more of the same.
I’ll even guarantee that if you wear them for a week, not only will everyone think you look dazzling with them, but you will draw more of these energies, treasures, abundance and luck to you. If it doesn’t happen, you can return them within 30 days for a refund.*
I’ll tell you one story about how stunning these really are. I had a friend wear them in her jewelry store for a day. She had so many people ask where she got them, and by day’s end she sold it for way more than what I am charging. As I recall, more than one lady said “I’ve got to have that.”
So if you are at all apprehensive about your future, or just need more from life to live in the way you want, these are what you need. They’ll calm you while attracting the most beautiful energies and luck to your life.
Energy Artist Julia
What's The Hold Up?
You have a guaranteed way to bring luck, good fortune, peace and protection into your life, and
You get to wear something beautiful that you will love for years and years to come, and
You get a price that is far below what you would ever pay anywhere else, and
You get to try it at no risk to you for 30 days.
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