Raven's Moon Energy Ring

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Helps You Understand The Mysteries of Life And The Universe ... And End Confusion!

This energy enhanced ring features the channeled image of the raven who in Native American tradition helps bring clarity to that which otherwise confuses you especially in the spiritual realm.  When you need an answer, raven will help.  

Hand made with loving care in the USA. Chakra balanced and personally blessed for you by the artist. Made from fired resinated glass and prisms on solid sterling silver. WE GUARANTEE SILVER PURITY AND QUALITY! All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! 

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About Your Ring:  The energy image in this ring was created by Energy Artist Julia in a sacred space using powerful energy channeling methods, prayer, visions and meditation. She focused on infusing the item with energies that will help you. The original image used to make these rings took over one month to channel and create. People are always amazed at how good it feels to wear one.


All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.