Shaman's Power Divination Bracelet - Helps you sense your future. Prehnite. Labradorite. Genuine Silver Viking's Weave.

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This bracelet uses special stones and a sacred silver weave known to the ancient Norse to help you more clearly see and chart a path to your future …. guaranteed.
Prehnite - Labradorite - Genuine 925 Silver Viking's Weave (very rare).
Made in our new age studio surrounded by the high mountains of Gypsum, Colorado. Energy channeled, cleared and personally blessed by me. Adjustable with 4 size options.
This is a very complex and difficult to make bracelet due to the extensive time weaving the sterling silver. This is genuine viking's weave representing the fabled Norse "Web of Wyrd" where three women wove the fates of humans and gods into a tapestry.  
Note: You don't have to be a shaman to wear this and enjoy its benefits.

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(An original Energy Artist Julia Design)


Dear Friends, 
Dealing with an uncertain future is something we all face, especially in this day and age when we are bombarded with conflicting messages, false anger filled news and often polarized people with strong opinions. It certainly can be hard to see your way along your path.
So how do you see our way through this maze and into a happy and fulfilling life?
I asked this same question, and as so often happens, spirit guided me to make something that will help both me and you. I didn’t know why I felt the pull to sit down and make this bracelet this way. I just immersed myself in the flow, realizing that the meaning would become evident once I finished.
And when I was done it certainly was beautiful. I wanted to wear it because it was so attractive. But I knew there was more.
I did some research and then it made perfect sense. The elements in this bracelet work together to help you see your future, know where you are going, and stay on the beautiful path spirit intended for you. Discover below what each part of the bracelet does for you.
Here's what your bracelet is made of and how it helps you see your future.
Prehnite - The green stones are prehnite. They are a South African shamanic stone known to heal the healer, provide protection for empathic individuals and most of all enable divination so you can sense what is going to happen and how you should prepare.  
Labradorite - Mixed in with the prehnite is beautiful faceted labradorite. This stone awakens and heightens psychic and spiritual abilities, especially making it easier for you to see what is coming and making the other elements of the bracelet work better. It also provides spiritual protection.
Genuine Pure Silver Viking’s Weave - This intricate and extremely time-consuming silver weave has been handed down from the Viking era. Used in jewelry it was thought to provide spiritual protection.  
But it has deeper significance in Norse mythology. Some say the weave symbolizes the fabled story of the Web of Wyrd, where three women, the Norns, acted much like fates, weaving a tapestry that divined the lives of both humans and gods. In this bracelet the viking’s weave reflects your destiny.
I felt the desire to put a single prehnite bead along the ark of the weave, which I now believe represents you, moving along a path chosen by spirit for you long before you were born. It is a simple but beautiful reminder, telling you that you are on a path of discovery and light.
When you look at the weave, you immediately see you, your life, your fate and your path.
Guaranteed To Help You
Every one of my designs comes with a guarantee. This one I guarantee that it will be good quality stones and silver. But more, I guarantee that if you wear it you will feel a stronger sense of purpose and knowledge that you are on the right path … or you will see a better way to get on the right path.
If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
Limited Quantities
I don't have a lot of these and have no plans to make more. Please if you resonate with this piece, get it while you can.
And one other thing to mention is that this design, the viking’s weave is extremely time-consuming to make. That’s why you don’t see it a lot and full chains can be extremely expensive. The first one I did took me over three hours just for the wave. I’m faster now, but I do feel that somehow when I weave silver we somehow create a complex and dazzling magic around the piece.
So the final question is, how well does it work? I can tell you this — I’ve been wearing it for about a year now, and I feel that I have been able to see the future and move my life toward what I know is my destiny or fate, my purpose in life. I’ve made many positive changes with good results. I know it will help you too.
I’ve also had a lot of people notice it, and when I posted a photo I had many people ask when it would come out. It is here now. I’m sure when you wear it. you will get the same response and feel the same energies.
Energy Artist Julia
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You get to wear something beautiful that can help you, and
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    I'm lovin 'it

    Posted by Katiria Medina on Dec 23rd 2021

    I must tell you that I fell in love with this bracelet, it is beautiful the first time I used it I felt the energy of the bracelet I want to thank you Julia for this wonderful work of art and whenever I have any questions about a purchase, they answer me quickly, not only their bracelets are a work of art if not you have good customer service thank you very much

  • 5
    Magical bracelet!

    Posted by Dominique Paillet on Oct 14th 2019

    This bracelet is Beautiful! So well made! This is a unique piece...I can feel my Cetic ancestry when I am wearing it! Thank you Julie for your magical inspiration for everything you create ❤