Spirit Wolf - Metaphysical Energy Ring

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The wolf teaches us to trust our instincts. 

In this piece, psychic intuition and spiritual insight chakras combine with the earthly plane, bringing these abilities to our world. 


Based on the painting “Wolf Call” by award winning energy artist Julia Watkins, this exquisite piece conjures in us the primal feelings we sense when we hear a wolf howling in the wild. 

It is named Wolf Call not due to the sound a wolf makes but rather signifies the wolf calling us back to our instinctual side, helping us rediscover and trust that deeply phychic connection we have through nature. 


Hand crafted with loving care. Chakra balanced and energy enhanced by the artist. Fired resinated glass and ground opal on verified solid sterling silver. See available sizes above.


Chakra Balancing 

Wolf Call helps you focus the higher energy violet and indigo chakra colors but at the same grounds you in red and yellow, effectively tying divine spirit and intuition to the earthly plane. All the chakra colors balance through two swirling energy vortexes within the wolf and emanate through his voice as he howls to the moon, the stars and the aurora borealis.

Energy Healing 

This piece was designed to help you connect to the universal flow of positive energy represented by its swirls, thereby promoting both higher consciousness and healing. Within each piece is hidden reiki symbology to assist the reiki practictioner in the healing process. 


Wolf Totem 

The wolf is a pathfinder, guide and teacher capable of using complex nonverbal communication. For we humans, the wolf also represents the archetypal force of psychic insight. These pyschic attributes are further reinforced within the earring's image by background trees that seem to take on the shapes of ravens. When a raven appears with a wolf the guidance is in the realm of the unseen and sometimes magic. Added to this is ground opal “the psychic stone” and the image of the moon “intuitive thinking”which further amplifies your innate psychic abilities. 

While meditation and ceremony are the best way to confirm your spirit animal, characteristics that may indicate the wolf is your totem include:

1. Attraction to wolves

2. Dreams of running through the landscape

3. Attraction to the moon 

4. Love of dogs … ability to connect with them 

5. Heightened senses 

6. Keen sensitivity to other’s nonverbal communications 

7. Desire to take on the role of teacher or guide

8. Family oriented

9. Ritual oriented

How To Use It

You can feel these piece as you move about throughout the day which serves as a continuous reminder of the properties they contain. Over time you will experience a growing connection to all they represent. Many find they “dream the running wolf dream” which is really a form of astral projection. Others say the earrings emit distinct energy they can feel. While it is not necessary to focus or meditate on the image, many find the result greatly enhanced by this.


Wolf Call 

The Poem The following was written by poet Spencer Kluesner and was inspired by the painting Wolf Call, Reprinted here with permission. 

Wolf Call, A primal sound Awaking our deepest instincts, And scenes from a not so distant time, When we ran wild hunting in packs 

And our split from this complete abandon 

To become civilized humans.

Now… pulling closer to the fire 

Turning briefly, to Stare over our shoulders into the dark, into the unknown that is still somehow familiar into the feeling there is something more, if only we could travel beyond our 5 senses if only we could join with it once again and release ourselves into its great mystery 

But most pull back At the point when they feel. They are losing themselves to it. Turning back to the fire. To talk of trivial human things 

Do not be afraid, Let your mind float out into it’s deep magnetic pull. Absorb it’s energy Loose yourself and find yourself again 

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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.