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Stone Of Intuition Energy Necklace & Pendulum

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This energy enhanced necklace and pendulum combination helps you know the mind of spirit so you can make the right decisions on your path of enlightenment and empowerment.
Divination and protection stones in an energetic "dousing" configuration include very high quality, hand selected Buraytia Agate, Black Eye Agate, Golden Obsidian, Smokey Quartz and silver. 30" inches.  The center piece, once cleared has its own life and energy so it can become a constant companion to you for the rest of your life.
Energy channeled, cleared and blessed by world renowned "Energy Artist Julia" in our new age studio in the high mountains of Gypsum, Colorado. Created in a sacred space by individuals paid a living wage.  Stones hand selected by Julia for healing energy and beauty.
Click ADD TO CART to get yours today!  Made to order with your energy in mind.  Please give us around a week to complete your necklace.
Dear Friends,
I believe whole heartedly in tools of divination, of knowing the mind of spirit to make far better decisions about your future … whether it be the I-Ching, rocking, dousing or using a pendulum. It can be very powerful provided you have the right tools and instruction.
The problem comes when we receive pendulums that are untested for spiritual energies or not hand selected for the person who will use them. Somebody sitting in a factory, cranking out pendulums for the mass market will likely have no idea if they have any energy, and even if they know are not likely to throw a bad one out. They are never tested for this and you have no idea what you will get when you order one.
Likewise, much like in the Harry Potter movies where a wand psychically talks to and choses the person who will get it, not every powerful pendulum stone is meant for you. You need someone who will choose the right one for you.
That’s where I come in.  I’ve created this very beautiful and powerful pendulum necklace that can be worn just for its beauty but also can be used to engage in the practice of divining — to make better decisions and know the mind of the creator when you do it. I’ll include instructions on how to use it when I send you yours.
What I’ve also done is clear, then test your pendulum to make certain it actually works. Some just don’t and are discarded. Anything I send you will definitely work the way it was meant to work. I clear it a second time before I send it to you.
Give Me Three Words And I Will Select The Right Pendant For You
As a special gift to you, if, when you place your order and give me three words that best describe you … I will use these along with your name in a ceremony to personally select the pendulum that will be your companion for a life time, working in unison with your heart to help you make better decisions for the future. Just write them on your order or email me here.* 
The stones talk to me. One will certainly stand up and say it has chosen you. Each has its own soul and energies. What I am sending you is more than just a stone. It is a beautiful being which will grace your life for years to come
Here are the stones your pendant and pendulum contain, and why they work so well.
Buryatia Agate.  The centerpiece is old world Buryatia Agate, containing the white “lines of fate” believed to help divine the future when used as a pendulum. These come from the mountains of Eastern Siberia just north of Mongolia.
Black Agate Eye Beads. Agate eye beads provide strong grounding to earth, intuition and protection that converts negative energies into positive ones -- PLUS deep, slow steady healing. These are critical to deflect negative energies that would otherwise try to influence your decisions when using the pendulum.
Smokey Quartz. A large, high grade, faceted smokey quartz bead just above the Buryatia agate piece actively cleanses the other beads while providing additional grounding and protection. This constant clearing ensures the proper and optional function of the piece.
Golden Obsidian. This stone deflects negative energies while helping you to discover you specific power and purpose in this world.  It helps you better divine you path into the future.
Don’t Forget - This Is Also Extremely Beautiful And Anyone Can Wear It
Beauty has its own energy, and this piece is certainly beautiful. When you wear it, you will exude the beauty and positive energies of the piece. You will get many compliments - guaranteed. Even if you don’t use it for divination, it is still a powerful and protective compliment to your wardrobe. It speaks of both the earth and a high level of spiritual sophistication.
Click ADD TO CART and get yours today!
Limited - Only 30 necklaces available. I’m really sorry I have so few of these. I hand selected the very best ones out of many more and this is all I could find. I don't have a good source for more of this quality and energy.
I look forward to selecting one of these for you which will become your life-long companion.
Energy Artist Julia
All designs, images, art and copy copyright Julia Watkins. All Rights Reserved.
Note Regarding Uses & Warranties, If Any.  This item is focused on healing and protection of the spirit only and enhancement of spiritual abilities.  It is not intended for physical healing and you should seek medical help for physical and emotional ailments.  It is not intended to replace professional advice or physical protection of any kind.  This a crystal and as such, if you hit it on a solid object it will crack or break. We do not warranty breakage under those circumstances. All items are inspected for defect before we send them out. *Our obligation under this guarantee is limited to the price paid directly to us for the item. No other warranties are hereby made. 

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