Stone Of Optimism Positive Thinking Necklace - Can turn negative thoughts into healthier positive ones.

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Put on this necklace on and instantly feel the weight of worry lift from your shoulders. 
Authentic positive thinking aqua blue chalcedony combined with blue apatite, chrysocolla and green quartz. This can put you in the healthiest possible mind-frame to face whatever is to come.
Guaranteed You Will Feel More Positive When You Wear It Or You Can Return It For A Refund*
Made in the high mountains of Gypsum, CO USA.
Wearing this feels like getting sudden and unexpected good news. ~ Energy Artist Julia
Limited Quantities. First 12 Sold At A Big Discount So Hurry!
Adjustable 16" to 20" inches.  Pendant 1.5" inches long. 
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Dear Friends,
One of the toughest things about being alive in these times is the unknown. You don’t really know what is going to happen. The emotional weight of this “not knowing” can go from overwhelming to something that is hanging out there, eating away at you while you don’t want to think about it. 
If you let it, this can ruin an otherwise beautiful day. What’s more, negativity and worry and an unhappy disposition is known to reduce immunity from some illnesses. So the more you worry, the more likely you are to get sick. 
If this sounds like you at all, if you have a weight hanging over you, then what you want to be wearing is the authentic aqua chalcedony found in this necklace. It is known as the stone of optimism or positivity. When you wear it and follow the instructions I give you, your outlook and demeanor can change to the positive.
It is also belivd to improve concentration during meditation and increase communicative abilities because it balances the throat chakra. It is also sometimes referred to as the speaker’s stone as a result. When you communicate it helps you speak the word of spirit and project positive energies and trust. It also increases your self-perception and confidence.
Plus I added in blue apatite which increases your personal power and confidence when dealing with situations, two carved green quartz beads which are said to turn negative energies into positive ones, and chrysocolla which empowers you so you can hold true to positive thinking.
Lift The Burden Of Worry.  The feeling you get when you touch this is of the mind being freed from a huge burden. When you allow it to fill you with its positive energies of optimism, you sleep better, function better and have days filled with light, love and positivity. *
This change to optimism is going to put you in the spiritually healthiest position possible for what is to come. And at least with some viruses in the past, a positive attitude can increase immunity.
Beware Of Fakes.  I was fortunate enough to find really high quality, faceted chalcedony like this at a reasonable price. I’d been looking at it during a show, but a lot of things appeared to be blue glass people were trying to pass off as aqua calcedony. Really, the internet is loaded with fake chalcedony so you have to be very careful. When it is really cheap, it is usually fake.
Eventually I did find some really good, authentic and naturally colored ones and purchased all they had. I guarantee mine are authentic, natural aqua calcedony and really good quality at that. 
Every time I’ve pulled them out people just can’t stop looking at them. They’re that pretty and very unusual quality. Plus, they have a brighter and more sustained positive energy than any calcedony I’ve seen.
Guaranteed To Help You
I guarantee that if you wear this for two weeks, you will find you have a more positive, optimistic disposition despite what may be going on around you. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
Very Limited Quantities - So Hurry
I bought all the stones available in this quality, which wasn’t many. I So if this resonates with you, and if you want to lift some of the weight of worry from your heart, I suggest you get these while they are available.
As always, during this crisis you are in my thoughts and prayers. May you not only survive, but thrive during these times.
Energy Artist Julia
P.S. I’m also blessing each necklace with positive healing and protective energies. I’ve had much success with this in the past. If there is anything special you want me to say in your blessing, please let me know.
 Gift Box And Descriptive Card Included
These come in a nice gift box for you or in case you want to give them as a gift. They also include a card describing the spiritual properties of the piece as well as a special blessing/prayer you can use to activate its powers.
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