The 10 Gem Empress Ring - Ten valuable gemstones make you look and feel like a queen.

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Look and feel like a queen when you put on this exquisite piece.
From the spiritual designer whose family once made jewelry for Indian royalty.
The 10 Gem Empress Ring
People think I must have won the lottery when I wear this out. ~ Energy Artist Julia
Extremely good value. 
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Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 120-day exchange guarantee. 

Includes: Amethyst. Peridot. Garnet. Citrine. Kyanite. Tanzanite. London Blue Topaz. Pink Tourmaline. Aquamarine. Morganite. Set in gold, silver and rose gold.


Dear Friends,
I’ve eyed this richly beautiful ring for some time now - a creation by Indian spiritualist and jewelry designer Shetal, a woman who has been able to gain success in a mostly male-dominated industry in India.
When you look at it, you can see the influence of her family, jewelers with a history stretching over 1,200 years, who once made jewelry for Indian royalty. 
It looks like something fit for a queen. And when you wear it, you feel like one. 
10 Valuable Types Of Gemstone
Here are the stones it contains and what they do for you.
  • Amethyst - promotes higher consciousness by balancing your crown chakra. Helps you see through deception and self deception.
  • Peridot - enhances happiness and vitality. The ancients believed it could be used to ensure eternal life.
  • Aquamarine - once said to be the treasure of mermaids, this stone helps you let go of blockages and trust in your great future.
  • Garnet - this stone balances and enhances your root chakra, grounding you to mother earth, heightening your instincts and increasing your sensual powers.
  • Citrine - this stone fills you with the energies of happiness, focuses your thoughts and brings inner sunshine to your life.
  • Kyanite - this stone balances you bringing calm and tranquility to your life. 
  • Tanzanite - this stone links you to higher consciousness and deep intuition.
  • London Blue Topaz - this stone enhances your communication and understanding when dealing with others.
  • Pink Tourmaline - this stone fills you with the energies of love while enhancing emotional healing from past hurts.
  • Morganite - this stone also heals the heart but also helps you manifest the love you want.
This is an impressive combination of powerful energy stones. And when placed together like this, each makes the other even more powerful. they work together to help you.
Note: These are the types of stones in your ring. There are 10 types but more than 10 stones.
Great Value - 75% Discount. Similar Rings Sell At 4X This Price
Because I have these made in volume, and because I charge a much smaller markup than other jewelers, I’m able to sell this at much less than you would pay elsewhere. In fact, another version of this ring, with lesser quality stones is selling for 4x what I am charging.
You are getting a 75% discount for a better ring.
Energy Blessed
I clear your ring of any negativity, then bless it using the same method I employ when I do my mass blessings and readings for people. This ensures that your ring will work and help you in so many ways on a spiritual level. This is an important step in selling jewelry. You don’t want something that hasn’t been cleared.
There is a huge, noticeable difference between energy blessed jewelry and pieces that have not been blessed and cleared.
Don’t Wait - Prices Are Going Up.
I had these made well before inflation forced prices up for jewelry and gemstones. If I were to have this made now it would cost much more.
Hedge Against Inflation?
A customer called us the other day and said she was buying my more valuable items as a hedge against inflation. She said that gold silver and gemstones seem to never go down in value. 
I’m not an investment advisor, and certainly the meltdown value of a jewelry piece is far less than what you pay for its design, craftsmanship, and beauty. So I would not say that this is any sort of great investment. 
But I can say that they will have some value, and there is a reason people “sell the family jewels” when they experience financial difficulty. 
Experience That Rich, Abundant, Queenly Feeling
What I can say, what is valuable to me, is that queenly feeling you get when you put this on. It is exquisite. It is exceptional. It is altogether beautiful and exciting to wear. It makes you look and feel like a rich, powerful, exotic and intriguing person.
And you can’t put a price on that. Good things come to you when you feel that way. 
 I’m honored that I could provide you this stunning jewelry piece, and put you on top of the world.
Energy Artist Julia
Don't Wait
You know you are being bombarded with negative energies, and
You know that this can affect your spiritual health and relationships, and
You know that this is a way to convert those energies to positive healing ones, and
It is guaranteed, so
Get your Spiritual Detoxifier bracelet energy before they run out.

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    It makes me happy ❤️ Great ring

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    10 Gem Empress Ring

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    10 Gem Empress Ring

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