The 6 Gem “Super Calming" Energy Necklace - Brings inner peace in tumultuous times.

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For Tumultuous Times. A Necklace that helps bring balance, calmness and shifts the pressures away from you.
New Energy Infused Necklace - Made with 6 powerful energy balancing gems.
Be one of the special ones who get to experience these powerful calming energies. Includes blue/green copper turquoise set in 925 silver, lapis, malachite, chrysocolla, blue apatite and green apatite. Guaranteed authentic stones and silver quality. Adjustable 16" to 20" inches.  Pendant 1.25" inches long.
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Dear Friends,
Many people I have talked to say that they are feeling stressed and really out-of-sorts as a result of massive disruption to their lives and fear about a coming second wave of the virus. 
Your life today is requiring a huge adjustment to not only how you do everything, but to your spiritual and mental base. And what’s worse, things are changing constantly. Just when you adapt, you are forced to adapt yet again.
You are not alone. I’m feeling it too. We’re all feeling it.
But what if there was something that could go out and dampen the energies of chaos around you, so even if you do have to adapt or change, it is easy and not filled with emotional upheaval?
I asked spirit for help bringing you calm during chaos, and this is what I got … a combination of 6 gems that disrupt chaotic forces coming at you, rebalances your energies, fills you with healing light and counters negative forces so they can no longer wreak havoc on your inner calm. 
Here’s the stones it contains and what they can do for you.
Copper Turquoise - This is the main pendant setting for the necklace. It is made by pouring hot copper through turquoise stones to create an energy matrix around them.
This allows energies to flow freely and quickly between you and all the stones in the necklace so you can instantly and easily adapt to changes. It also increases the powers of protection and healing far beyond just a simple piece of turquoise.
Lapis - This stone brings you visionary qualities where you can see a clearer path to the future you want and stears you around negative energy traps. It facilitates intuitive healing of yourself and others and can even bring to you the great, life-changing visions you have been seeking.
Malachite - This stone blocks and grounds all the negative thoughts, energies and feelings swirling around you. It also helps you move forward despite confusing circumstances by removing blockages that would otherwise cloud or skew your judgement. Many say it is also the best stone to fix a broken heart.
Chrysocolla - This stone was used by some native tribes to strengthen your resistance to emotional distress, which is perfect for times where you are being bombarded with more than you think you can handle.
Blue Apatite - This stone helps you push beyond chaos and confusion to manifest what you want. It also is a powerful healing stone and a stone of protection.
Green Apatite - This stone balances your energies, opening your heart chakra which allows you to receive divine healing, protection and guidance. 
Together these stones can help you fluidly and easily adapt to all the changes around you, staying centered, calm, grounded and positive. This combination doesn’t exist anywhere else, in any necklace I have seen.
Free Form - Non Symmetrical Design Helps
You may notice that the stones are done free-form, which means they are not exactly the same on each side. This is how spirit told me to do this. At first I didn’t know why, but then I realized that in order to be protected from the forces of chaos, you have to have slightly off-balance energies. 
Basically it disrupts the disruptive energies coming at you, never allowing them to find a way in to hurt or confuse you.
Energy Infused For You
I don’t just string these stones together. They are hand-selected for quality, beauty and energy. Then I energy bless them specifically asking spirit to infuse them with powers that will help you remain versatile and positive no mater what comes next.
Limited Quantities And Great Price So Hurry
I only have about 20 of these available. These are really good quality copper turquoise and far better than what I have sen in the past. I wish I could get more but my supplier sold all they had to jewelers who recognized their value.
Guaranteed You Will Feel These Powers Helping You
I guarantee you are going to feel the world of chaos around you evaporate into calm and focused peace.*
If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
What's The Hold Up?
You know you can greatly benefit from the calming influence of these stones, and
You get to wear something beautiful, and
You get to try it at no risk to you for 30 days.

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