The Abundant Visions Necklace. Guaranteed authentic pietersite creates the perfect meditative, visionary and journeying state.

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I would swear I saw the face of God in this stone the first time I looked! Energy Artist Julia.
Introducing The Abundant Visions Necklace. Guaranteed authentic pietersite creates the perfect meditative, visionary and journeying state.
"When you need spiritual guidance, clarity, vision, understanding, resolution and direction, this is what you want to wear.  Only 20 available.

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Note: This is guaranteed authentic red pietersite.  Beware of all the fake pietersite on the internet.  This is a highly counterfeited stone.


Dear Friends,
“I'd swear I saw the face of God in this stone. It is so cool.“ This is what I once told Spencer the first time I saw it.
From the deserts of Namibia, this stone was once declared to “hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven.” People would stare into it and see swirling masses within its depths.
It brings heaven closer, and acts as a gateway, a glimpse to the heart of the divine. But how does it affect you specifically in this world?
The first thing you will notice when touching authentic pietersite is that negative thoughts and energies leave your presence. Almost in a flash of electricity you are clear. 
What’s left is a calm inner feeling, a centeredness. This is punctuated by a sense that a positive presence is going out and fixing things in your personal energy field — things that you only now realize are broken or have been irritating you in some way. 
It works in the background to heal your aura, restore your defenses, and most of all clear a path to feel divine healing and transformative energies during meditation and prayer.
So strong is this stone that many say it can calm you, everyone around you, and even animals during a violent storm.
And this “storm” may be a metaphor for situations where everything is going wrong, but somehow, you are calm, focused and positive. At the center of chaos sits the master in perfect calm.
This is the magic of Pietersite. 
But there is more. 
Visionary Abilities
When you meditate with it, or sleep with it near, because it has calmed and raised your vibrations, visions can come. Since your mind has become so quiet, you not only hear them, but they seem to bloom within.
Shapes and colors can appear for me, and I can even find connections between things that didn’t seem to be before. I find the next morning that I have brilliant new designs and paintings to work on. Plus, I have new ideas for pressing problems I couldn’t solve before.
Many experience this same thing, which is why it is often used in things like vision quest and shamanic journeying.
Just put it on, touch the stone, follow the instructions and let the waking dreams come … maybe small at first but more with practice.
Added Protective Stones
I added to this design turquoise and Tibetan agate for extra protection if you chose to spiritually journey, and etched protective eye carnelian to activate its powers more. This is necessary to avoid negative attachments.
Energy Enhanced For You
I’ve gone to spirit and asked that this piece be blessed with three things for you: calm, focus and vision. I used the same method to press your necklace as I do for my mass blessings where people have had amazing results. Stones feel quite different when they have been energized this way.
Instructions And Gift Box Included
We send your necklace to you in a nice jewelry gift box, and include a card that teaches you how to activate it and get it to work for you, calming, soothing, healing and inspiring. 
The included prayers can make a piece like this work far better than simply receiving some stones. In a sense, the magic words make it all happen.
Beware Of Fakes. Mine Are Guaranteed Real 
There is a tremendous amount of fake pietersite on the market today. It is a highly counterfeited stone due to its popularity and rarity. 
I guarantee my stones are authentic, red pietersite. I also guarantee the the carnelian, Tibetan agate, turquoise and turquoise composite are also real. 
I also guarantee that when you get this and follow the instructions for two weeks, you will begin to feel the calming and visionary magic of this piece, and if not, you can return it within 30 days. 
I can’t say you will have full fledged visions at first, because this can take time, but you will begin to feel more lucid, especially between wake and sleep.
Why Wear It?
Aside from the benefits of a calm focused mind, the visionary attributes really add color, purpose, direction and confidence to your life. You just get this sense that everything is OK, and where you are going in life will be wonderful. With time you see it all before you, and it is all good.
I look forward to sending this to you and helping you experience this.
Energy Artist Julia
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