The Amazonite Good Luck Ring - Guaranteed Authentic Stone In 925 Silver

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My search for guaranteed authentic, natural, high-quality, lucky amazonite was complete when I found these beautiful, gem-grade stones for you. 

Introducing “The Amazonite Good Luck Ring”

Enhances your luck in all areas including finance, safety, games of chance and love.

When I learned that much of the amazonite being sold online is either fake, or dyed, I went to great lengths to ensure that mine is real.  We had to go all the way to India to get it. - Energy Artist Julia

Guaranteed to bring you good luck or you can return it within 30 days for a refund. * 

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Dear Friends,

My search for guaranteed authentic, high quality amazonite was complete when I found these beautiful, gem-grade stones for you.  

While this stone is very lucky, and is even called the “lucky gambler’s stone,” there is a huge amount of fake amazonite being sold on the internet these days, and even in stores. It is hard to know if what you are getting is real.   

While I wanted to bring you this stone’s good luck, but I had to be very careful to ensure it was real. 

So I went to a reputable, government-certified lapidary in India to get these stones.  They bought the raw stone for me and cut it for these rings which we set in 925 silver.

Not Just Any Amazonite - Very High Quality

The people I used to get this stone also cut stones for distribution to high-end jewelers worldwide and for their 300 jewelry stores in India.  They even do custom work for the very wealthy in Dubai.

So the stones I was able to get were much higher quality than you usually see.  And I’m selling them at way less than you would normally pay.

Great Pricing - You’re Getting This Wholesale

 By going direct to India, and piggy-backing on the buying power of a large network of jewelry stores, I got you these stones, in this quality at a far lower cost which I’m passing on to you.  I avoided two to three levels of middlemen than if I were to get them in the US or at trade shows.

You would pay 3x or more what I charge if you were to buy them in a jewelry store.  Essentially, you are getting them at or below wholesale.

And It Is Very Lucky

I’ve been wearing this ring, and focusing on bringing good luck/safety to a friend who has defied the will of spirit, left Crestone before his spiritual healing was complete, and is driving a small trailer back home to Los Angeles.

The fairies are of course performing their mischief on him because they want him to head back to Crestone. 

So far he has had one wheel fall off only 5 miles into the trip, bailing wire wrap around his axle and puncture a tire, and had 6 tires blow out in one day due to freak happenings near Las Vegas.  

Now this might be seen as bad luck. But it could be way worse and would be if I wan’t using amazonite to help him.

Each time a tire blows, by some miracle he is unharmed and can pull to the side of the road, when normally, going 60 miles per hour, a trailer would flip at least one of those times.

So actually, this is very good luck.  The stone doesn’t just work for games of chance or finances.  It seems to give you good luck when mishaps occur. It also brings good luck to love situations and just about everything in your life. 

I plan to keep wearing the ring and praying for him until he reaches home, whenever that may be. 

On a side note, Spencer tells him he is like Odysseus in the classic “The Odyssey” who defied the will of the gods causing it to take 20 years for him to return home. Spencer warned him to beware of the sirens of Vegas who would distract him from his journey.

Energy Enhanced To Bring You Better Results

I went to spirit using the same method I do to do mass blessings and asked that this ring surround you with the best luck you have ever had.  

I’m not going to say you will win the lotto, but with time, you will find you are much luckier thanks to this extra blessing.

Time For Good Luck

I hope you’ll give yourself this guaranteed chance to have better luck in your life. You won’t regret it.


Energy Artist Julia 

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