"The Awakening Stone" Energy Necklace - Facilitates both spiritual and psychic awakening.

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The Only Necklace I Know That Brings You Both Spiritual Awakening And Psychic Awakening!
Learn what this means below.
Features beautiful and powerful awakening stones including rutilated quartz, green porphyry, green serpentine and crackled clear quartz. Set in solid 925 silver. Guaranteed authentic stones. Energy channeled and personally blessed by Energy Artist Julia.
From our Gypsum Colorado new age studio. Adjustable size 17" to 20" inches.
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Dear Friends, 
The image I received in my mind’s eye for this stunning necklace was of a women in a deep green forest wearing the necklace, seemingly illuminated by the golden light of spiritual awakening.
She nodded her head, as if receiving guidance from the divine and sent out healing energies to all those around her. She seemed to float down a path. All of life, the animals and even the trees seem to move around and follow her as she travels the forest. Plants grew and flowers spontaneously bloomed in her presence.
Then I realized that in creating this, by channeling the energies of this vision into the necklace, I was creating a talisman that would awaken you, blessing you with greater levels of spiritual clarity, awareness and abilities.
I used the following four stones, set in 925 silver to make your necklace:
Rutilated Quartz. At the top of the pendant this stone forms a clear globe with black titanium running through it — a matrix that transmits energies.This stone is known as an “illuminator of the soul,” awakening your higher self, enhancing your spiritual gifts and purifying your aura while blocking any ill thoughts of others. 
Green Porphyry. This stone forms the triangular base of the pendant. It nurtures and grounds you when you wear it while awakening in you the ability to access the fabled Akashic Records.  Derived from the Sanskrit word "akasha" these records are believed to contain the knowledge of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. You will know it is working when you begin to know things without knowing how you learned them.
It is also believed to awaken nonverbal communication skills within you — including psychic communication abilities with humans, animals, plants and higher beings.
Green Serpentine. Also sometimes called “dragon’s eye,” this stone makes up the beads of the necklace. It is known for facilitating what’s known as a “kundalini awakening” where energies travel from your bottom chakras to the top, clearing any energy blockages and taking your awareness to an expanded cosmic level.
Clear Crackled Quartz. These beads bring spiritual clarity and focus so the energies don't carry you away. Instead they keep you present in the moment.
What Does It Mean For This Necklace To “Awaken” You.
Actually, this necklace brings you two types of awakening … both a spiritual awakening and a psychic awakening.
The spiritual awakening aspect is that the stones help bring your higher, perfect self to the forefront. You realize that you are a being of light, able to travel many worlds and that you are one with all the universe. When you receive this awakening many of the things that used to bother you now seem trivial. You have refocused your spirit on your true, higher self that lives eternally.
The psychic awakening aspect is that the stones bring forth and enhance many of your hidden, dormant or undeveloped psychic abilities. Unlike the cosmic aspects of the spiritual awakening, the psychic awakening focuses abilities many say are derived physically from the pineal gland. It is an awakening, but an awakening to the gifts you always had but did not know how to harness.
Together, these two types of awakening can with time transform you into into a much more powerful, higher being of light, good and amazing abilities. You can change your life and the life of those around you into something far better than you could have imagined.
People who undergo an awakening often count it as one of the most significant events in their lives.
How To Guarantee It Works For You
It sounds great, but how do you make it work? First you have to put the necklace on. Then all you have to do is follow the short activation meditation on the card provided with your necklace. 
We guarantee that you will see some difference after two weeks.* You have 30 days to try it out and can return it for a refund if it doesn’t work for you. You also have 120 days to exchange it if you decide you want something else.
After that, we recommend you wear it at least once a week to continue your progress. Sometimes you will see changes as soon as you touch it. Other times you won’t notice a lot, then one day you will realize all the improvements have happened gradually, little by little, and that you are almost a completely different (and better) person!
Great Price. Priceless Value.
Talismans like this, especially ones that have the benefit of strong energy channeling, are often viewed as priceless in spiritual circles, and are passed down from one spiritual person to another, over many generations. These kinds necklaces/talismans are actually known to possess their own lives, souls and personalities. So if you can even get someone to sell you one, you are going to pay way more than what I am charging. 
What I do is create a limited number, channel a lot of energy into them and offer them to the first people spirit sends my way. I charge a very reasonable price that is far below what jewelers charge. My mission is to get these out there doing good for the world and helping you.
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Limited Opportunity To Get One Of These Treasures
I have a limited number of these and I don’t anticipate making more. Their creation is quite energetically taxing but something I feel compelled by spirit to do as they send much good into the world. A lot of energy flows through me from spirit when I create them.
But due to the demands of channeling energies, some day I am simply going to have to stop making these type of necklaces. They won’t always be available and you don’t want to wait. I know that at some point in the future, you and whoever you pass this down to will look back and be so thankful you took advantage of this opportunity while you had it.
I look forward to sending it to you and hearing your stories of the things you are able to do once you wear it.
Energy Artist Julia
What's The Hold Up?
You feel an attachment to the energies of this piece, and
You know that the awakening it brings will greatly help you, and
You get to wear something beautiful that you will love for years and years to come, and
You get to try it at no risk to you for 30 days.
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