The Black Turtle Protection And Longevity Earrings - Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Silver & Gold

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Black Turtle Spirit Combined With The Tourmaline Stones In These Earrings Brings You Strong Protection, Effortless Abundance, Longevity And The Powers Of Introspection!
Features black tourmaline, black patina 925 silver, gold and citrine. Energy channeled and personally blessed by Energy Artist Julia.
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Dear Friends, 

If you are like many of us you desire a happy, protected, easy, long and abundant life. Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to worry about things so much?  
That’s what turtle spirit, whose energy is channeled into this earrings does for you. Native Americans observed that turtle would rest by water sunning himself most of the day, completely protected in his shell, while easily catching food when needed. And turtles lived a long time. Turtle spirit became known for bringing humans a long, easy and abundant life.
And if you know the Native American medicine wheel, the color black, like in these earrings, when combined with a spirit animal like turtle also provides the power of introspection and self knowledge. This is so important in spiritual development because to know the universe you must first know yourself.
What’s more, these earrings are made from black tourmaline, one of the most powerful stones for spiritual protection. It repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack while clearing whatever area you take it to of all negativity. It often is also used to clear all your other stones if you place them near the tourmaline.
The final stone used is yellow citrine, the stone of personal empowerment and confidence. It dispels doubts that would otherwise maki achieving abundance difficult.
If you desire an easier life, protected from worry and fear, you cannot go wrong with these earrings. I’ll even guarantee that things get easier for you when you wear them.*  
The only thing you have to do is place them in the sun for a minute or two or smudge them every so often when you begin to feel they have absorbed too much negative energy. This releases those energies so your earrings can continue to protect you.
I hope you’ll wear these and enjoy all the benefits turtle spirit brings you. They come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.
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Energy Artist Julia
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Product Reviews

  • 5
    Black tourmaline turtle earrings

    Posted by Gemma on Jul 7th 2020

    Such an amazing piece. I love how the energy is brought out each time I wear this earrings. Thanks Artist Julia. It's such a masterpiece

  • 5
    Love these turtles

    Posted by Divine Light Workers Healing Metaphysical Wellness on Jan 2nd 2020

    These beautiful tourmaline earrings are made with such care and protection. They have a beautiful gold that surrounds these beautiful turtles. These earrings are strong and can be worn with any outfit. It is a beautiful way to wear beauty and protection.

  • 5
    Absolutely. Love. It!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 27th 2019

    Absolutely love this pair of earrings which I wear daily. I love it for its qualities as well as the design and the addition of citrine to this turtle shaped earrings. My other favorite pair of earrings from Julia is the citrine earrings which I also used to wear daily until this arrived. Thank you for the lovely and growing collection of jewelry. Keep em’ coming! Namaste.

  • 5
    Exquisite and charming!

    Posted by Angela on Dec 21st 2019

    i am so in love with these earrings - they are the most gorgeous tourmaline stones i've ever seen and the citrine "feet" sparkle. These earrings are also Huge! Very visible and just fabulously beautiful. i love the playfulness of this piece but also it's symbolism. Truly one of a kind!