The Crystal Blue Waters Awakening Ring - Guaranteed Authentic Swedish Berslaggsten “Glacial Waters” Stone - Rejuvenates The Soul

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Touch this stone just once and you’ll feel the rejuvenating, spiritually awakening glacial blue waters of the far north.
Guaranteed Authentic Swedish Berslaggsten “Glacial Waters” Stone Set In Solid 925 Silver. Don't be fooled by all the imitations on the internet.  These are real, acquired directly from the mine and hand selected for quality and energy.
When you touch this, you feel a revitalizing and rejuvenating energy, as if you just stepped in a beautiful glacial lake ~ Energy Artist Julia

You will not find this quality ring and stone, at this price, anywhere but here. Extremely limited quantities.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.

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Dear Friends,
When I first saw this stone, my mind immediately flashed to a scene wherein some past life or world I stared into an icy clear blue glacial lake of the far north.
I touched it, and the feeling was a very cool, smooth stone with a feeling of depth and mystery. It raised my energies, as if I had dipped myself into the crystal healing waters and been completely refreshed.  
It was as if some Norse goddess had somehow touched me. In my mind’s eye, she emerged from the waters and gave me the stone.
Spencer immediately purchased me a ring made from it and everyone I let touch it had the same experience. They felt refreshed, revived and awakened. 
Spencer then began working with the miner in Ängelsberg, Sweeden to cut 70 stones for rings we would make ourselves using our energy-enhanced designs.
The Swedish miners did their best, but of the 70 stones we received only 37 met our standards for both quality and that they elicited the awakening effect when you touch them. The rest we sent back and I suppose they were sold on the market somewhere. 
Very Limited Quantities - Hurry
So where we are now is that we have only 37 of the best, most energetic stones, touched by the divine feminine and placed into solid silver rings.
This (37) isn’t a lot of them. They will sell quickly. So if you resonate with this you will have to hurry. And considering the miners weren’t happy with my returns, I’m not sure I will be getting more stones. This is a rare chance to acquire something beautiful that can revive your spirit in a meaningful way.
I guarantee that when you get your ring and touch it, you will have an immediate spiritually refreshing or even awakening effect, and that you will experience that every time you touch it. It probably won’t be huge at first, but you will notice it. With time, and if you follow the included activation instructions, it gets stronger. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days.
Don’t Be Fooled By Imitations
Since we first saw this stone, the market became flooded with cheap imitations that are glass, dyed or resins, have no energy and very little value. Mine are guaranteed authentic.  
What’s more, with huge increases lately in silver costs, I’m seeing a lot of fake silver rings out there. Once again, my silver is guaranteed authentic 925 that were inspected at the time they were made for authenticity.  
Special Energy Blessing
The final thing I will do for your stone is focus energies, specifically holding the image of the blue northern revitalizing waters, and the goddess who in my dreams gave me the stone. This will give you the ability to at least subconsciously have the same dream, and experience the awakening it brings. 
I like forward to sending you this beautiful creation. I hope you will become one of the lucky ones to own it.
Energy Artist Julia
P.S. I should note that because this is a blue slag, your stone may have certain dots within that are a natural part of the stone. They are natural stones and as such, these sorts of things cannot be avoided.



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