The Eternal Love Sacred Energy Necklace. Gold, Silver & Tourmaline.

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The Eternal Love Sacred Energy Pendant Represents The Flame Within -- Reigniting Your Passion For Life ... Eternal Spirit.... Love For Another .... Ethereal Enchantment... Mysticism
This pendant says "I will love you forever." 
Multi Colored Tourmaline, Silver And Gold.  Includes the rarer yellow tourmaline.
A rare design from Indian female spiritualist Shetal features the flame of love that lasts for an eternity. Energy channeled, cleared and blessed.
Guaranteed authentic quality tourmaline, 925 silver and 2 micron or better gold that won't rub off. We only sell the best quality. Comes with a braided leather chain. If you want a metal chain instead, please let us know.

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Dear Friends, 
Over the past weeks, I’ve had a feeling of being dulled down or less passionate about things. It happens to many of us. And sometimes it creeps up on you where you suddenly say to yourself “I am really tired.” 
What I’ve found is that when this happens, you definitely need a change of perspective … to realize what is good in life and to reconnect to the fire, the flame of love within … that zest and passion for life.
Usually I just do something I love and feel better. But today I did something else. I looked at Indian’ Spiritualist Shetal’s “Eternal Love” pendant with multi colored tourmaline. The more I looked, the more mesmerizing I found it. “I could get lost in this” I told Spencer while sitting on my couch. “It is so beautiful.”  
I felt better. And I realized that wearing this piece, touching it and feeling its energies of love does just as Shetal intended, it reignites your true love of life, your joy, your passion the flame within that actually never dies.
You’ll know it is working when you are driving and find yourself singing to songs on the radio that you’ve heard a million times, but suddenly you love like the first time you heard them.
But this does more than just give you an energy boost. The tourmaline is known it to elicit a level of passion beyond expression, taking you to a deeply mystical place that reaches inside you. It gives you an experience where you lose yourself and find so much more.  It is magically enchanting and can even be life changing.
So tonight I will wear it and have a Baily’s Irish Cream under the stars with Spencer and love life for the great mystery and opportunity it is.
Energy Artist Julia
P.S. When I said I wanted this made with the much more costly and energetic tourmaline, rather than topaz, Spencer just laughed. "Were going to make half of what we should" he said.
But my mind was set that I would get this for my customers, because that's what I would want to wear. So we're selling it for about 1/3 of retail. I hope you love it, appreciate its value and quality as much as I do.
What's The Hold Up?
You have a risk free, guaranteed way to bring back the passion and fire to your life, and
You are getting a great deal, a beautiful piece at 1/3 of retail cost.
Act now, before it is too late and see how much better you feel.
Special Prayer
When you get this, I will be saying a special prayer over it for you that you will find all the passion, energy love and healing you desire.
Energy Artist Julia
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    Eternal flame pendant

    Posted by Deana L Underwood-Mann on Feb 18th 2021

    Gorgeous necklace

  • 5
    Love this necklace

    Posted by Deborah on Nov 10th 2020

    It is beautiful, you can dress it up or down, and I feel alive with it, loving the design, the tourmaline and the energy