The Fountain Of Youth Ring - Rare, authentic yellow cat’s eye moonstone. Energy blessed by Julia to bring you youthful vitality

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When I put this on, I feel a skip in my step, feel positive about my future, and have the energy to really pursue my dreams. 
Very Rare Yellow Cat’s Eye Moonstone Ring Fills You With Youthful Vitality And Energy, While Also Bringing You The Wisdom Of Age.
You may not get a chance to own one of these ever again. Huge discount from what others are charging. Up to 80% Off.
About: Guaranteed Authentic, Yellow Cat's Eye Moonstone Set In 925 Silver. Approx 4.0 to 4.5 carats AAA Stone. Available in Multiple Ring Sizes.
I've always said I wish I had the energy of youth but the wisdom I have now. Spirit granted my wish when I got this ring - Energy Artist Julia

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Dear Friends,
I’m very excited that I could get you this very rare yellow cat’s eye moonstone ring. This stone is so rare that they can't even mine specifically for it. Instead, occasionally they find a deposit of it when they mine moonstone, and our source was able to get most, if not all of this new discovery.
Sometimes you will see yellow moonstone beads online, which even when they’re real still aren’t gemstone quality like this ring and never have the powerful cat’s eye qualities. Often what you get is actually just yellow calcite sold as moonstone.
Ours are guaranteed authentic, from a reliable source with a 200-year history of acquiring and shaping gemstones.
So it is rare and beautiful, but what does it do for you?
Exotic jewelry like this lights up your life and gets you many compliments from others. When I wear this everyone asks “what is that stone?” There’s just something energizing about wearing a gem that is very special and no one else has. 
It is something you will cherish and pass on to your children, or you can buy one for them now.
And while standard moonstone clears and enhances the third (solar plexus) chakra when it is yellow like this, it is far more powerful - like a burst of energy, it stimulates your mind, bringing youthful vitality back to your life, enabling new beginnings and a bright new future. 
It makes you feel young and full of energy. But at the same time, it retains the deep, feminine intuitive energies of the moon. 
And this is the most valuable aspect of this stone because you feel younger and more energized, but at the same time, you retain the wisdom and intuition of age. 
An important aspect of this stone is that because it is cat’s eye, it is known to protect you from bad energies, ill intent, toxic people, and unforeseen danger. This is necessary because you will probably be trying new things, or doing things you previously had only dreamed of.
It has the added benefit of protecting your finances, attracting wealth, and helping you reclaim lost wealth. Because it is associated with new beginnings, it is the perfect stone to wear should you try new business endeavors or career moves.
What I See For Your Future - The Blessing You Will Receive
What I expect is that once you begin wearing this and following the activation instructions included with your ring, that you will walk through your day with a light skip in your step, feel a new optimism, begin to see new possibilities AND have the energy to pursue them.
I will be doing one of my energy blessings for your ring where I ask spirit to give you the vitality and energy you had in youth, combined with the wisdom and intuition of age, to successfully pursue the things you want, AND stay protected while you do it. 
If for any reason this doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
A Note About This Stones Effect On Sexuality And Fertility
This stone is often listed as one to wear for fertility, enhanced sexuality and female issues. In addition to stimulating the third (solar plexus) chakra which deals with birth, rebirth and new beginnings, it also affects the sacral chakra which is the center for sexual energies.
It is one additional aspect of the “new beginnings” powers of this stone.
Great Price - Amazing Opportunity - 80% Discount Today
By buying in bulk, I was able to get these at an incredible price, which I’m passing on to you. I could charge a lot more, but my focus is charging way less than jewelry stores so these high-end pieces and their energies are available to all people. 
This ring would sell for 5X what I am charging if you purchased it in a jewelry store. The first 10 rings sold are priced at an 80% discount.
Why Am I Selling It For So Little?
I live in a small apartment and drive a 15-year-old car, so I can fulfill my life’s mission of bringing beauty, light, and healing to you. Almost everything I make goes back into spreading good energies to you and others. Your purchase is actually helping others live a better, more spiritual life. 
Very Limited Quantities - Get Yours While You Can
I have some of these, but they won’t last, and I can’t just call a gem dealer to get more. If you resonate with this piece, I suggest you get it while you can. You might not get another chance.
I suggest you get more than one to give to children or friends if you want to get someone else something that is rare and beautiful.
We are sending one to Spencer’s daughter. He told her "I want you to have this because it is really rare and I may never see one again. "
One Final Note About These New Energies
For me, I feel 10 years younger when I wear this stone. But with that said, when you wear it please also rely on your wisdom and intuition when you feel the impulse to try new things. Always be careful and consult medical, financial or other professionals before you take on anything new. *
I’m honored that spirit chose me to be the catalyst for your new beginnings.
Energy Artist Julia
What's The Hold Up?
You know you can greatly benefit from the spiritual power boosting abilities of this stone, and
You get to wear something beautiful, and
You get to try it at no risk to you for 30 days.
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