The Gathering Stone Abundant Harvest Bracelet - Translucent carnelian and brilliant diopside bring all the good of the world to you.

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These stones, when worn together bring you all the good and abundance of the fall, the time of gathering things together.*
The Gathering Stone Abundant Harvest Bracelet
Features gem-grade translucent carnelian with the brightest green diopside I have ever found. Attracts abundance and life-force energies to see you through the winter.
Hurry, this stone, in this quality is rare, and we could only get a little bit of it. When it is gone we probably can't get more.
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As the sunny days wane, these stones keep you bright, happy, content and secure through the coming winter. It is time to gather your physical and spiritual harvest. ~ Energy Artist Julia

You will not find this quality anywhere else, and the energies it puts out are second to none.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. Limited quantities so hurry.  

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Stones were photographed in direct sunlight.


Dear Friends,
Typically I don’t see translucent carnelian like this and only once have I seen green chrome diopside this bright.
It struck me that both stones were a great find like something unexpected and abundant had fallen from the tree of life into my lap -- much like a fall harvest that unexpectedly becomes a bumper crop.
And every time I see it I think of the fall, when we bring in or gather more than we thought we could ever have so we can easily thrive through future hard times if they were to come.
When you face any sort of uncertainty about the future, this is definitely what you want to be wearing.  
But there is even deeper spiritual gifts these stones bring. Here they are.
Translucent Carnelian - the carnelian in this bracelet is a finer grade gem than you often find. While most carnelian is opaque, this you can see through. This level of quality is most often used in faceted rings and not in beads like I have here. It is rare and far more powerful.
It is known to bring you vitality, creativity, and motivation to move your life forward to where you want it to be.  
In the Arab-speaking world of old, it was thought to be the stone of wealthy kings bringing courage and inner fire to the wearer. 
The Romans believed it brought you strength and courage to face any obstacle. The Egyptians believed it was so powerfully infused with life-force that they placed it on mummies to assist in travels to the afterlife.  
For me, it is a highly activating stone I wear in the morning to get me going and when I need new ideas.
Chrome Diopside - This is the brightest diopside I have ever seen. Diopside is bright in general (far brighter than emerald) but this particular diopside is very special. When I saw it, I bought all I could find because I knew I would never find something like this again. 
The Greeks believed it to be a stone if visualization and vision and that it helped bring about good dreams. Others believed it was plucked straight from the tree of life and like carnelian they were buried with it to ensure renewal in the afterlife.  
So together, while these stones represent fall, a time of gathering together, they are also used to ensure survival and magical renewal.
It is just what you need to help ensure a bright and happy future, come what may.
I should also point out that these stones are both unusual and fabulously beautiful. You just want to keep looking at them on your wrist, and the more you do, the more you want to keep looking. 
It is simply a gorgeous wonder, worthy of the myths and legends that surround it.
Energy Infused
I’ve gone to spirit and asked that your bracelet be infused with energies that gather resources and light to you, to guide and sustain you, and help you thrive, through the coming times.  
You will notice a difference in its energies just by looking at it, and when you put it one you definitely feel its bright energies.
Limited Quantities
I’m going to run out of the really bright green diopside used for this. So if you want to get this, now is the time. You may not see a stone like this again.
I guarantee that when you wear this and follow the instructions for two weeks, you will see a greater flow of abundance and bounty flowing to you and you will feel a sense of renewal of your energies.
If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
A Time To Gather
Now is the time to gather and reap the benefits of all your hard work. With the right focus, you will be surprised how much flows to you.
Energy Artist Julia
Don't Wait
You know that the time of gathering and abundance is upon us, and
This is a way to bring the things you need to you, so
Click ADD TO and get yours now, while I still have them.

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    Posted by Pam M. on Nov 23rd 2022

    Beautiful stones, well made.

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    Posted by Lani on Nov 15th 2022

    These translucent carnelian and diopside are extremely beautiful and great energy. I love it.