The Genesis Ring - Enhances your connection to the source. Gem grade amethyst, gold and silver.

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You Can Talk To Spirit Every Minute Of Every Day When You Wear The Genesis Ring
This fabulous, divinely inspired creation from Indian spiritualist and designer Shetal, facilitates a connection to the spiritual source, to genesis, enabling greater healing, spiritual insights and creativity. Learn how it works below.

This quality is very hard to find at this price!


I guarantee that when you get this ring, and look at it often throughout the day, you will feel a much greater connection to spirit and a greater ability to manifest the world you want with heightened creativity and ability to heal the spirit. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund*

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ABOUT: Guaranteed natural (never dyed), gem grade amethyst in authentic 925 silver and gold. 

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Dear Friends,
The minute I saw this I knew it would be called the Genesis Ring. It wasn’t so much I thought of anything. The words just popped into my mind and they felt so right. It seemed the energies of creation bubbled up through this design created by powerful Indian spiritualist Shetal. It was mesmerizing.
Why This Connection To Creation Is Important For You
As creators of healing and transformation, as artists, counselors, leaders and members of the new age community, we all rely on reaching deep into the creative well, to the source, to spirit, to the point from which everything came into existence (genesis). It is what we need to do and what we have to do to be who we are and do what we do. The connection is what binds us and sets us apart.
Without our connection to the source, to genesis, to spirit, we are lost. With it, we are powerful, walking in eternal joy and light. 
How It Helps You Every Day
When you get a brilliant idea, or experience a new insight, or have a moment of clarity where you see the absolute beauty and purpose in our existence, you are reaching all the way back to that limitless energy source we call genesis.  
For me, and everyone I have shown this to, when you wear this ring it is so much easier to reach into that well of creativity and insight, back to the formation of our world , back to that point where you can manifest the world you want with just a mere thought.
I can’t say one thing that makes this so good at connecting you with spirit and creative insights. When you put it on, you will see. I even guarantee you will receive these insights or you can send it back for a refund.*
About The Inspired Design
The outside band represents the bubbling waters, the cosmic oceans formed by comets coming to earth from which we eventually emerged. After all, we are made of stardust and water. And the gold, like the stem of the lotus reaches up to the heavens, to obtain the ultimate etherial, spiritual connection enabled by the highest chakra stone, amethyst.
When To Put It On
If you are feeling lost or alone, if you wonder where to go or what to do next, if you feel blocked or like spirit is not with you helping you in every moment, you can put this on, let it raise your connection and once again have at your disposal the power to create the world you want.
I include a description and meditation card so you can activate this connection every time you put it on. And I personally clear and bless them before they ship.
So wear it, and feel the energies of creation flow.
Energy Artist Julia
Gift Box And Descriptive Card Included
These come in a nice gift box for you or in case you want to give them as a gift. They also include a card describing the spiritual properties of the piece as well as a special blessing/prayer you can use to activate its powers.
Financing Available
We do offer financing through paypal credit for those who need more time to pay. You can get it by choosing the credit option at checkout.
What's The Hold Up?
You have a risk free, way to put you in the best energetic space for connecting to spirit and receiving the ability to manifest and create, and
You get to wear something beautiful, so
Act now, before it is too late and see how much better you feel.

All photographic images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins  All rights reserved.

* These items are made for healing of the spirit and spiritual protection only.  They are not a substitute for medical or professional advice, financial advice of any kind or physical protection.  Our guarantee only covers the price paid directly to us for the item  -  which is our only obligation under this guarantee.  In purchasing you agree to these terms. 


Product Reviews

  • 5
    Genesis ring

    Posted by Juana on Nov 10th 2021

    Love my ring. Its everything I expected.

  • 5
    Excellent Quality

    Posted by Tiffany M White on May 6th 2021

    This is a gorgeous ring! I feel like royalty when I wear it. Looks like it is a 'museum' piece of jewelry.

  • 5
    Genesis Ring

    Posted by DianeB on Dec 21st 2020

    Beautiful ring, the stone is definitely a good grade of amethyst and it's a substantial setting,. The design is well thought out, the stone sits quite far above the ring but doesn't catch or knock on things so no worries about damaging the setting. A great addition to my collection!

  • 5
    I love all the sacred jewellery you create Julia

    Posted by Christine Glenn on Sep 16th 2020

    Peace and Blessings