The “Goddess In You” Activation Necklace. Awakens your magical feminine powers.

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You Always Dreamed Of Magical Powers. Now Is Your Chance To Get Them.

The “Goddess In You” Activation Necklace awakens your magical feminine powers — just like in all the legends.

Guaranteed to change your life.*

Only 26 Made. Be one of the special ones who get to experience this activation.

Includes hand selected, high quality parrot wing chrysocolla (beautiful blue green colorations), goddess and celtic magical charms, healing turquoise, malachite and Tibetan agate. Size adjustable 18" to 36" inches.

You will not find this quality at this price anywhere. But we only have a few available so act now.

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! 

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Dear Friends,
You and I have probably had the same goddess dream — floating through a magical forest — in complete communion with all the animals, plants and magical beings — bathed in golden green light — and somewhere music mixes with a warm breeze while water falls near.  
And just because you don’t remember the dream doesn’t mean you haven’t had it. If it strikes a cord with you now, it is somewhere within you.
This was my vision when I made this necklace. But I knew that it was in the DNA of all spiritual women, so I wasn’t just making it for myself. I was making it for you too.
Starting With Chrysocolla. I started with a beautiful piece of shaped parrot wing chrysocolla I had found and held onto until it spoke to me. In fact, I think touching the stone may have been what caused the goddess vision to emerge once again .
It is by no means a common stone. This stone also has jasper, azurite, and quartz. I’d really never seen or felt anything like it. It is a stone of immense feminine power expressed through gentleness, and especially through magical communication with nature that encompasses the whole being.
Adding The Goddess Charm. I next picked up silver, but it didn’t feel right. I picked up a particular copper charm and the goddess that is found in all of us spoke to me. I placed that on top of the chrysocolla and it felt right. It would turn out to be a symbol from the Goddess Movement and for many the belief that the goddess, or feminine power flows through and guides all of us.
Adding The Celtic Trinity. Then I instinctually joined that stone to an interesting copper charm. This turned out to be a version of the celtic trinity. In modern times this signifies the power of three spiritual women joined together for a purpose. It represents your group or the place where you as three are most powerful.  
While this symbology is attached to modern belief, it actually goes way back in our mythos where groups of three women wielded much spiritual power, like the three fates of Greek legend who decided the lives of even the gods.
We are strong alone but when we get with our group of three we are something much more. I’m in two specific groups of three and hope all of us can wear this necklace. I’ll bet if you think about it, you also have a group of three, and if you don’t you will soon find one.
But sometimes, when we have no group, we become all three. This is common and perfectly alright. The necklace in a lot of ways says you can be everything you need to be.
Adding The Sacred Spirals. Going through my bead box I found copper spirals that the vision said were needed for the necklace. They certainly felt right, and I would later learn that they were also symbols for the goddess or matriarchal beliefs representing your ever expanding consciousness. Your life starts in the middle of the spiral, and you always circle back to the same place. But each time you are further out with more wisdom and spiritual energy.
Adding The Celtic Leaf/Vine. I was guided to add the copper leaves attached to the necklace to make it seem like a vine. Later I learned that the Celtic vine is believed to bring you spiritual growth, regeneration and new opportunities. Just like a vine grows and thrives, so does your life.
Adding Turquoise, Malachite And Tibetan Agate.
I was also guided to add turquoise, a master healer stone. The vision called for real turquoise so I made sure it was.
The necklace didn’t seem strong enough yet, so I added malachite which is known to amplify energies, especially when manifesting intentions.
It seemed to need brightness or internal light energies and the stones that this vision guided me to were small, orange beads known as Tibetan agate. I would later learn that the Tibetan word for them translates to "shine, brightness, clearness, and splendor.”  
Adding Life, Energy, Power
The last and most important thing is for me to add life to your necklace. After all, it is a powerful piece and will even have its own soul. For this I both send and build energy and also just look at it and adjust it until it feels right and produces the energies I saw in the vision.
Then the necklace was done. It was just alive, shimmering with magic.  It seemed to present itself to the world and I got so excited to see its beauty and feel its energies. I saw it going out and reviving in everyone it touched the internal goddess, making the vision true for all who wear it.
Energy Channeled And Blessed - An "Awakened" Piece
Each piece is energy cleared and personally blessed by me. The design is channeled straight from spirit. A significant amount of energy has gone into it … so much so that I believe it has its own consciousness. This is something that sits on your dresser and talks to you in spirit. It will become your trusted friend.
Limited Quantities - Lowest Price -- So Hurry
This quality piece, especially the chrysocolla normally would cost quite a bit more than what I am charging. In fact, I am at half the price for now.
I also often sell out and don’t get more. I offer an item, then move onto the next thing where I feel the universe pull me.
My Guarantee That You Will Experience Magic
I’m not going to guarantee you will fly across the sky or create gold coins from air. You may but that is up to you. 
I will guarantee that if you wear this, and follow the instructions on the included prayer card, you will begin to see magical occurrences in your life that are way more than happenstance. Things will begin to work easier for you, falling into place as they should, and you will begin to live a different way where your belief is strong and things just happen for you.
If you don’t feel the change pretty quickly, return these within 30 days for a refund. I say this, all the while knowing that I will receive 0 back. I never do. My creations do what they say they will do.
Energy Artist Julia
What's The Hold Up?
You feel the magic in you and like many of us would love to have it become stronger, and
You get to wear something beautiful that you will love for years and years to come, and
You get to try it at no risk to you for 30 days.
So click Add To Cart before this opportunity is gone.

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    Beautiful Goddess Necklace

    Posted by Nikki Barnes on Feb 11th 2020

    I have ordered several items from Energy Artist Julia, ring, pendant and chain, the abundance buffalo, but this is the most beautiful necklace I just absolutely love it. Thank you Julia