The Golden Pheasant Tribal Elegance Earrings With Activating Carnelian And Gold Fill Ear Wires

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These are some of the coolest earrings I have ever worn.
The Golden Pheasant Tribal Elegance Earrings With Activating Carnelian
Transformative in their beauty and really fun to wear.

I originally made these just for me to wear. But so many people liked them that I made some for you too! ~ Energy Artist Julia

Soft long feathers (7" inches) with carnelian and gold fill ear wires.

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*Note: All stones are photographed in direct sunlight to bring out their colors.  As natural stones, larimar can vary in color by 30%. 


Dear Friends,
I originally made these golden pheasant feather earrings for myself because I thought they were just “so cool.” 
They are earthy and elegant, tribal but also highly sophisticated. I added a bit of carnelian to increase their energies and make them really stand out.
And it worked. Everyone who saw them wanted a pair, and I found so many things to wear them with. They made a huge fashion statement, and the feathers were soft, not pokey. So I made more. I’m offering them to you today.
But I wondered why I was so attracted to this particular feather. 
Then I saw a photo of the actual bird and thought “that is possibly the most beautiful bird I have ever seen.” It was like I sensed its high vibration.
I was at first worried that they might be endangered. 
But with a little research I found that they are actually commonly kept for their beauty, mostly in Asia. Although they can be eaten, they are generally too expensive for consumption. Their eggs are however eaten.
Most are bred in aviaries which is where these feathers were collected. 
The Transformative Powers Of Their Extreme Beauty
But there was more to me being attracted deeply to these feathers. Quite simply, I feel beautiful when I wear them. It is transformative, like I take on the beauty of the golden pheasant myself. 
After all, beauty has a high spiritual vibration.
I walk through my day feeling beautiful, organic, elegant, powerful and also very sensual.
They are just so fun to wear. I love to flip them.
Long But Soft - Hand-picked feathers for you
These are 7 inches long. If you are shorter, you let them hang down in front. or you can dangle them within your hair. If you are taller, you wear them like me in the photo above.
They are also soft. We went through them to find only soft ones for the jewelry. Unfortunately, we had to retire about 25% of what we bought so we had just the best ones.
Limited Availability - Don’t Wait
I will have these through Christmas, or until they run out, and we do often run out of things. So probably you would want to get them now.
I look forward to seeing your photos of these being worn.
Energy Artist Julia

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    Elegant Earrings

    Posted by Lani Ohara on Nov 27th 2022

    I purchased the earrings as a gift. The energy is awesome. Well made and the colors are so vibrant.