The "Great Awakening" Energy Bracelet - Guaranteed authentic rare auralite, botswana agate and hematite opens a new world of positivity and manifestation.

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The Moment I Touched This Rare Stone, My Mind Became Clear, And I Awakened To The Endless Possibilities Of My Life

Announcing: The "Great Awakening" Energy Bracelet - Includes authentic auralite plus Botswana agate and hematite.  Brings spiritual clarity, improves manifestation and healing while filling you with love and positivity.

It is like turning on the lights when you put this on ~ Energy Artist Julia.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.
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*Note: All stones are photographed in direct sunlight to bring out their colors. Auralite is a highly counterfeited stone on the internet. We guarantees ours is real.


Dear Friends,

The spiritually awakening auralite in this bracelet is unlike any stone I have ever worked with.  It is rare beyond rare, coming from only one small area north of Lake Superior in Ontario.

The first thing you will notice the moment you touch it, after you follow the instructions I give you, is that your inner mental chatter goes away.  Suddenly your mind is silent and focused.  You become aware of all the things around you, all the details you had tuned out.

You will find yourself saying things like “I never noticed how pretty that plant was, and it has been in front of me every day.”

The next thing you will notice is that anything you want now seems possible to manifest, and that anything you try spiritually is much easier to do. Your doubts seem to vanish.

And the third thing you will notice is that whatever you do comes from a place of contented, assured love. Your life seems to be before you, in far more clarity, and you get the idea that it is all good, that it has purpose, that in the end, everything will work out.

This feeling is increased greatly by the Botswanan agate and hematite also found in the bracelet.

Together, these stones help drive your spiritual development to new levels.  Everything you do seems much easier, and much more certain.  Touching it is like having an “aha” awakening moment.

There is nothing like the feeling you get from authentic auralite.

The Auralite is a conglomerate of 17 powerful stones and 6 metals.  Here is each of the stones and what they do for you.

Amethyst - this tone helps connect your crown chakra to divine forces, so you can see the world as it truly is and find vast amounts of wisdom and insight to see things in a different light.  

Covelite - this stone helps you find success in new things you try.  It eases the path to your future and the afterlife.  It is the stone of new beginnings.

Sphalerite - this is a fiery energy stone, increasing your passion and confidence. It energizes you to pursue what you want.

Chalcopyrite - this is a stone that removes blockages that are keeping you from moving forward, removing fear and doubt. You start looking at reasons for not accomplishing things as simple illusions of the mind.

Epidote - this stone helps you take on a more positive outlook despite whatever is happening around you. Past memories that might have elicited a negative response from you no longer seem to have their potency.

Gilalite - this is a water energy stone, helping you enter the great flow of spiritual energy while washing away whatever impurities might be blocking your transformation.  It is a stone of rebirth.

Bornite - this is the happy stone.  It helps you feel happy in this place and time for the good that is around you and is said to improve your disposition when thinking about the future.  It is a great gratitude stone. 

Rutile - the is a “rapid manifestation” stone according to many.  It accelerates the removal of hidden things or energies that would keep your intentions from coming true.  

Goethite - this earth connection stone grounds you, keeping you rational, focused and at peace.

Pyrolusite - is a stone of optimism, determination and protection.  It moves you safely forward in you spiritual journey, while giving you space to heal.  It makes you realize that anything is possible.

Pyrite - this stone is connected to the solar plexus chakra, bringing you strength and confidence while also increasing your abundance.  It ensures you will have the resources to accomplish your goals. 

Magnetite - this is a love attraction stone that also brings balance and perspective to the relationships you have.  It helps you appreciate the good, without getting lost in emotion.

Lepidocrocite - this is said to be a  balancing stone, calming you and helping bring back control, especially in spiritual endeavors.

Ajoite - this stone is said to enhance connection with divine beings including spirit, angels and other beings. It makes it seem like at any moment, an angel might pop out and give you advice or direction.

Hematite - this stone is said to ground you so you can have better control when working with spiritual energies.  It keeps you from losing yourself.

Titanite - this stone is said to help you reach higher levels of consciousness, higher thinking and communication.

Cacoxenite -  this stone is known to elevate your cosmic connection to the universe, allowing spiritual transformation and ascension. It is often called the ascension stone.

Auralite Is Rare When It Is Real

Since the discovery of auralite, there has been a huge influx of fake stones.  I guarantee mine is real auralite.  I buy from reputable dealers and inspect the stones myself.

Hand Selected. Energy Channeled. Includes Activation Instructions That Make It Work.

I select my stones for my bracelets based on beauty and energy.  The auralite is definitely a more muted stone, but its energies are pretty incredible.  

I then ask spirit to open a channel of energy to you through the stone so it can work for you at a much higher level.

Finally, I include instructions and the mantra I use to make the stone work much better.  It is like night and day when you say the mantra wearing the stone and when you don’t.

Limited Availability - Hurry

Like everything, the authentic stones are getting harder to find, and the prices are gong up.  

There is never any indication of when a stone source will run out, but we’ve had it happen so much that I always say, if you want it, get it now, because it may never be available again.

See The Difference

I was holding this bracelet as this was written, but took it off, and the hills I gazed upon with such spiritual clarity seem to have faded a bit.  Then I  put it back on and things seemed brighter and more beautiful.

I think with time the more you wear it, the longer this effect lasts. I find it to be an exceptional meditation stone, but much more. 

When you get this, you’ll see what I mean. It is unlike any other stone you have touched.


Energy Artist Julia

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* Note: These items were created for healing and protection of the spirit only. They are not a substitute for medical treatment or the advice of medical, financial, legal or other professionals, or for physical protection. Our obligation under the guarantee is limited to the price you paid us directly for the item and you agree to the same when you purchase them.
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Product Reviews

  • 5
    Great bracelet

    Posted by Shirley h. on Apr 22nd 2023

    It is a very well made bracelet with authentic auralite. After I put it on, I feel calm , peaceful and strong. I just bought another item from Julia. The stone of happiness ring. I hope to receive it soon.

  • 5
    Amazing Auralite!!

    Posted by Suzanne Gairaud on Apr 7th 2023

    My new favorite!! Because I never take it off, every day glitters and shines and I become the epitome of what this bracelet represents: happy and open to all life brings me, clear thoughts with no monkey brain, and feel as though I am beauty personified! This bracelet truly delivers as promised with every feeling for life and others magnified as pure LOVE! Thank you Julia and Spencer for bringing such beautiful art into our lives through your jewelry and your paintings; your work has brought terrific, permanent, and positive vibes into my life and many others!! Love is the way of life and I thank you both for showing me the way!!!