The Healing Light Earrings - Creates a perfect healing state of deeply relaxed but highly alert. Emerald, opal, citrine, carnelian & prehnite.

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When I wore these it felt like a warm sun on my face, healing and calming me, but at the same time energizing and awakening me.

Presenting The Healing Light Earrings

Includes energizing emerald, brandy opal, citrine, prehnite, and carnelian. Gold fill wire. Length 3.5" inches.

These earrings emit some of the most fabulous and beautiful healing light I have ever experienced! ~ Energy Artist Julia

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Dear Friends,

The feeling I got when I put these earrings on was one of internal warmth and healing - like the sun was shining on my face and when I closed my eyes it warmed my very soul.

That wasn’t what I expected. To me, at first they were something totally fabulous that energized me as I worked with the stones.

And while it does give you that energized feeling.  it also is calming and feels like it is helping you let go of trapped energies and emotional wounds from the past.

So it is very meditative in that it places you in both a relaxed but highly alert state - which is perfect for healing, contemplating but also interacting.

Here are the stones and what they do for you. 

Ruby Opal.  The bottom round stone is ruby opal, which  ads light to your aura, soothing hurt feelings, clearing emotional baggage while also increasing your sense of enthusiasm. 

Citrine. The next stone up is a yellow faceted citrine which emits the energies of illuminating sunlight, warming and healing your inner being at its core — while also filling you with positive thoughts, motivation and self-confidence.

Emerald.  The green stone is an emerald, which in Vedic astrology is known to facilitate emotional healing and balance. 

Carnelian. The next orange stone up is rare, long fluted, carved carnelian which emits the energies of boldness and courage, while also emitting energies of warmth and joy.  

The stone above the carnelian is faceted citrine once again.

Each of these stones, on their own produces an optimal healing state of relaxed but aware. Together they are far more powerful which is why the feeling that comes from them, even through a photo is dazzling.

I then energy bless them to make sure they have really strong positive energies, and provide an activation card so you can keep them working for you properly.

Limited Quantities

I got some of these beads years ago, and can’t get them again, or can’t get them again at this price.

If you find yourself resonating with them, I suggest you get them while you can.


Energy Artist Julia

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