The "Leopard Lady" Opal And Silver Totem Earrings

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The Ultimate Cat Women Energy Earrings Incorporate Leopard Spot Design With Beautiful Genuine Opal 
They fill you with the feline energies of fluid beauty, mysterious intrigue, uncompromising confidence and fierce independence.
Guaranteed authentic, non dyed stones. Solid 925 silver With Rose Gold And Bronze Highlights. Hand made.
Very limited availability. These always sell out quickly.  Consider getting one pair for you and one for a friend or family member. Size 1.25" x .5 inches.  

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Dear Friends,

Like many of us, I love the exotic and powerful way the leopard makes me feel, but refuse to wear fur, or even faux fur.  
Still, as a woman I revel in the leopard’s energies, of its fluid but elusive beauty, its striking feminine features, its deeply mysterious ways and its keen independence. As new age women, at heart we are all leopards.

And so I could still immerse myself in this true and mystic beauty, I had these “Leopard Lady” opal earrings made. And true to the rarity of even seeing a leopard, these earrings were also elusive in that they were extremely difficult to make, requiring mastery in silversmithing.

The pieces start as flat silver which is then shaped, with each leopard spot created using a tiny hammer, then rolled out to form an opal setting with rose gold and brass highlights added in a curving arc representing the fluid movements of the leopard.  

It is the ultimate in craftsmanship to make something so unique and beautiful, containing all the energies of the powerful totem animal.

Then add to that two beautiful GENUINE natural white opals with red/yellow/blue highlights, or leopard’s eyes, representing passion, desire, a release from inhibitions … and you now are wearing the ultimate “cat woman” jewelry piece. 

When I wear them, I feel powerful, independent and beautiful. And you will too.
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The internet is now just loaded with fake opal, synthetic (imitation) opal, opalite glass, composites that are made from fragments and Chinese synthetic opal which is really just resin. If it is cheap, it is most likely fake and has none of the energies it should.

The only way to make sure you get real opal is to buy from someone you trust. 

I guarantee mine is real, natural white opal with red and/or yellow highlights.*

You can show them to a gemologist or jeweler to verify this and if they were to find anything wrong, I would refund your money.

Furthermore, I guarantee this design will absolutely fill you with powerful feline energies, AND that people will notice this when you wear it.. If not return int within 30 days for a refund.*

I don’t have many of these, due to the costs of genuine opal. I expect at this price, for real opal, they will sell out quickly. All are being sold on a first-come-first-served basis.
Energy Artist Julia
What's The Hold Up?
You know you love this unique piece,
And you can feel its feline energies calling to you,
And You Know It will Help You In Many Ways,
And You Know That It Is Great Price For Genuine Opal
And You Know That It Will Sell Out Soon
PLUS You Get To Try It Risk Free For 30 Days,
So Why Not Give It A Try?
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Note Regarding Uses And Warranty:  This item is focused on healing and protection of the spirit only. It is not intended for physical healing and you should seek medical help for physical and emotional ailments.  This a crystal and as such, if you hit it on a solid object it will crack or break.  We do not warranty breakage under those circumstances.  All items are inspected for defect before we send them out. *Our obligation under this guarantee is limited to the price paid directly to us for the item.  No other warranties are hereby made. 
Copyright 2019 Julia Watkins


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