The "Magic Moonstone" Feminine Intuition Ring - Authentic "blue fire" Indian moonstone.

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This "Blue Fire" Indian Moonstone Is Legendary For Increasing Your Psychic And Intuitive Powers -- So You Can Gain Valuable Insights And Knowledge -- And Thrive Despite The Uncertainty Around You. Now available in this ring.

You will not find this quality ring and stone, at this price, anywhere but here. Extremely limited quantities. Authentic moonstone set in guaranteed 925 silver.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.

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Note: The way you know that this is real moonstone is that it flashes when held at certain angles. It won't flash all the time, just when held a certain way or moved in light, especially sunlight. If it is always blue, it isn't real. Mine are guaranteed authentic. Natural stones like this are all different and can vary as much as 30% in color.


Dear Friends,
Sometimes, you can get so caught up in getting from here to there, paying your bills, and taking care of the basics, that you forget you are also a mystical being of magic, that divine energies reside within you, and that given the right prayers and stones you can call on special magical powers to help you thrive in this world.
For me, and many others, wearing moonstone is the best stone for reconnecting to that magic within, for immersing yourself in the divine. Wearing this quality moonstone feels like you are walking on a moonlit night and experiencing something so magical that you forget all of your problems, AND that you now see a clear path to a better life.
This isn’t just any moonstone though. It is Indian moonstone containing its famous “blue fire” which flashes at you when you hold it at the right angle or move it around. This is really good quality moonstone with the most magic of all.
It is said to increase your psychic powers and your powers of intuition. When you wear it, you know things there is really no reason for you to know, and those insights come in handy just when you need them most.
When you put it on, you will instantly feel the difference between this and other moonstone you may have worn. Not all stones are the same, and I can tell you true moonstone like this is a pretty rare find at the price I’m asking for this ring.
And based on emails I’m receiving from many of you, this release is very timely. I’ve heard that people just want to let go of all the fear and turmoil in their lives, know which way to turn, and reconnect to their divine feminine mystical nature. This is the perfect stone to do that.
Energy Blessed To Help You
I clear, balance, energy channel and bless each ring, to bring you the most magic and the greatest abilities. My blessings not only add energy to the stones, but they create a link to collective energies so it is always powered and ready to take you to the intuitive space.
Limited Quantities
I actually have been holding onto these since last year, while I waited for spirit to give me a sign that they should be released. Now is the time, but I cannot get more because the lapidaries in India are largely shut down. If you want to have this, now is your one chance, maybe for a long time, to get it.
I look forward to helping you find your mystic and magical center.
Energy Artist Julia
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It is a great deal for this kind of moonstone, and
You get to try it for 30 days to see if it works for you, and
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* These items are made for healing of the spirit and spiritual protection only.  They are not a substitute for medical or professional advice, financial advice of any kind or physical protection.  Our guarantee only covers the price paid directly to us for the item  -  which is our only obligation under this guarantee.  In purchasing you agree to these terms. Natural stones like these are all different and can vary up to 30% in color. 


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    It is a beautiful silver ring with Rainbow Moonstone. The gemstone flashed a gorgeous blue streak of light when in certain lights.

    Posted by Liz on Sep 15th 2022

    I lost mine and am devastated. I don't normally react like this about things but I cannot stop looking or thinking about this ring. I guess I formed a strong attachment to it. I feel the need to wear it. It made me feel calm, and relaxed, and open, and curious. I am ordering another ring. I have checked absolutely everywhere multiple times, and cannot stop thinking about it.

  • 5
    Moonstone ring

    Posted by Jennie Pearson on May 14th 2022

    I love my blue fire moonstone ring.beautiful moonstone with a blue hue through the middle. Set in pure silver ring. I’m very happy.