The Mermaid's Magical Treasure Bracelet - A gift from the sea. Fossilized coral and green aventurine help abundance flow to you.

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In my vision for this piece, a beautiful mermaid left this bracelet on a rock for you - a magical gift to help you find the treasures in your life. Learn how below.
Features fossilized coral which increases the flow of abundance to you, and rare, large, natural green aventurine, the stone of luck.  
You rarely see natural, untreated green aventurine in this size.  Guaranteed authentic stones.
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Dear Friends,
A magical vision helped me create this bracelet for you - a gift of abundance for you from the sea. 
Here’s why spirit sent this to you, today. 
Spirit tells me that sometimes we are so focused on not having enough abundance, that we create hardship and worry for ourselves — when just letting it flow to you like the ocean tides is the easiest and fastest way to get what you want.
They say a watched pot never boils and there is amazing wisdom in those words.
Recently I’ve experienced this - with a surgery, moving my business, bills piling up, and me incapacitated while watching and waiting for a break, a sign, an easier path to the things I need to survive.
Then the other day, spirit reached out to me and had me create this bracelet using relaxing fossilized coral and lucky green aventurine. I didn’t know why at first, but I did find myself really attracted to it and its water energy.  
It is one of those things you look at, feel joy, think “that is so cool” and want to wear all of the time. It feels like an exciting vacation at the ocean.
And actually, it was the answer to all of my worrying. I felt better when I put it on, like things would all work out — that I just need to trust in the creator and experience the joy in every moment. 
That is this bracelet’s magical power every time you wear it.
And then I got an amazing spiritual impression from the bracelet.
I saw in my mind’s eye a mermaid take it off and leave it for me on a rock by the water - like she was leaving me a gift, a way to find the treasure that would make my life fantastic and magical.
I tried to recreate that impression in the photo of the bracelet you see here. Because when you put it on, you do feel relaxed like the flowing water, dreamy, magical, and altogether unworried about money, or really anything.
So maybe she did leave us an abundance treasure, but in a form I didn’t anticipate. She gave me and you, with this bracelet, the ability to just let go and allow good things to flow to us, rather than force them to happen.
And it really helps. Today, I am working with one of my assistants, and wearing this bracelet while we create even more wonderful and magical jewelry. And I know that somehow, what I am doing now will solve most of my problems.
I even guarantee that if you wear it for a day, and practice the included mermaid meditation, you will feel the same thing … magical, joyous, unworried and abundant.
Do Mermaids Really Exist?
They may or may not exist in our world, now. They may have existed in the past. I can’t say for sure except in my dreams they have spoken to me.
What I can tell you for sure, though, is that the universe is infinite, with an infinite number of alternate universes. So in all mathematical probability, somewhere, in all this infinity, anything you can imagine exists.
So yes, they do exist, just maybe not here right now. But always they live and forever in our dreams, and possibly they do “jump” from one universe to the next.
Magically Infused
Normally I channel and infuse my jewelry with powerful energy directly from spirit. But this time I was instructed to do something different.
I focused on my Mermaid Dream Painting and the magic it opens — kind of like a doorway to the dimension in which mermaids actually live, and allowed it to flow out to the bracelet.
And it just felt right… like a great sense of delight overcame me.
Hand Selected. Limited - Less Than 20 Made Per Size
By the time I hand select the best stones for my jewelry, and considering that these are natural creations and of limited quantity in the first place, it is rare for me to make more than 20.
And when they sell out, they are gone forever. I just can’t often find more.
So if the mermaid dream resonates with you, I suggest you get this while you can. Because opportunities like this come and then simply vanish.
Energy Artist Julia
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Product Reviews

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    Love this bracelet

    Posted by Marie on Aug 19th 2023

    Such a lovely energy within this bracelet. Definitely one of my favorite purchases from Energy Artist Julia.

  • 5
    Mermaid bracelet

    Posted by Carol Negrette on Jul 2nd 2023

    I just received this bracelet yesterday and I am SO pleased! It is beautiful! The colors jumped right out at me and took my breath away for a moment. The colors are so much more vibrant in person than in the photo. I put it on right away and it has a lovely feel to it. It will be one of my favorites. This surprises me, as I’ve never been into mermaid things. But the properties and colors of these stones have won me over. Thanks for creating this beautiful piece of jewelry, Julia.