The Positive Relationships Ring. For relationship building and healing. Gem grade blue topaz, gold and silver.

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This dazzling blue topaz stone and ring heals, improves and mends all your relationships so they are long lasting, life changing and totally fulfilling.
Wear it and feel its energies reach out to those you love!
During this time of isolation, when you need to reach out for the support and friendship of others, this may be the most important relationship building stone you wear ~ Energy Artist Julia

You will not find this quality ring and stone, at this price, anywhere but here.

Bluest of blue, fine marquise cut topaz set in 925 silver with gold inlay -- sold at an incredible price. NOTE: These run a little small so for half sizes always order the larger size.

Don't be fooled by imitations sold on the internet.  This is GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC, hand selected stone from a highly reputable stone house. Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.

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Note Regarding Sizing  If you are a half size, always get the next size up.  Wider rings always have a little bit tighter fit.


Dear Friends,
You may have already experienced the relationship building effects of blue topaz, without knowing it was near.
Do you remember the times where you've had a really good talk with someone and afterward both of you felt so much better, like a great healing had occurred between you?
Maybe you needed to reaffirm the positive thoughts and feelings you share with someone you love. Or misunderstandings had occurred and hurt feelings needed to be repaired. Or even, someone with whom you were estranged finally came around and you mended an important relationship.
This is the miracle effect of blue topaz, and I'll bet during that time it was near, or the essence of it lingered in your cosmic field from the past or even from past lives.
There is no better stone for eliciting positive relationships than the blue topaz found in this ring. And this isn't just any topaz. It is a powerful, very good quality set in an energy emitting gold and silver design.
This stone takes stressful situations, beams the light of love and the illuminating energies of sun out, while cooling down negative emotions and healing the individual ... so much so that people often wonder why they were so upset in the first place.
This is what I plan to wear around family members if I see them over the holidays, or even facetime with them, because stuff from the past always comes up. It is also what I would wear if I were to go to a public place
where there might be angry or unbalanced people.
Finally, this is the stone I would wear on a date with my husband, because I know we would renew our strong bond and have a wonderful time looking into one another's eyes over a nice dinner.
I look at today's world, and realize there is a reason spirit caused this stone, and this ring to be available to you now. It is what the world needs. We need people like you wearing it, and cooling down things with the divine love it projects.
So wear it, and watch all of your relationships improve.
Energy Artist Julia
Guaranteed To Improve Your Relationships
I'm confident this will work for you and I want you to have it. So I guarantee that if you wear it for a week, you will find it not only heals you, calming down any negative feelings you have, but it will improve all of the relationships you have. Just follow the included instructions for activating the stone.


If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Special Blessing For You
I'm also going to say a special blessing for your ring before I send it. I will ask that it be infused with energies which reach out and heal all of your relationships and any hurt feelings you may have from things that happened in the past.


I'll bet, once you put it on, you will have one of the best days ever.
Great Price And Value
These are extremely beautiful blue topaz, not the watery colored ones you usually see. And it is guaranteed authentic. People are selling colored crystal on the internet these days and claiming it is topaz when it is not.


Mine were purchased from very reputable dealers with a 200 year history selling stones. So you know they are real healing stones.


It is solid 925 silver with gold inlay.


And if you were to buy this ring in a jewelry store, you would pay 4x or 5x what I am charging. I sell very high grade jewelry at a very reasonable price. My mission is to do what I can to spread positive energies through powerful stones, jewelry and artwork. This means I charge less so anyone can afford it.


Limited Quantities So Hurry

I don't have a lot of these, and when I sell out I usually don't get more. So if this is something you resonate with, by all means get it while you can.  
Financing Available
We do offer financing through paypal credit for those who need more time to pay. You can get it by choosing the credit option at checkout.
What's The Hold Up?
You have a risk free, guaranteed way to get something that makes your relationships fulfilling,. and
Over time this can make a huge difference in your life, so
Act now, before it is too late and see how much better you feel.



All photographic images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins  All rights reserved.

* These items are made for healing of the spirit and spiritual protection only.  They are not a substitute for medical or professional advice, financial advice of any kind or physical protection.  Our guarantee only covers the price paid directly to us for the item  -  which is our only obligation under this guarantee.  In purchasing you agree to these terms. 


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    Blue topaz

    Posted by Rochelle on Dec 16th 2020

    It’s gorgeous!! I just love it! Bought as a gift for someone also.

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    Commentaire sur mon achat

    Posted by Danielle Perron on Nov 23rd 2020

    J'ai reçu ma bague aujourd'hui. Elle est magnifique et je vais la porter tous les jours.