The “See The Future” Owl Spirit Necklace - A "must have" talisman for navigating uncertain times.

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When I put this owl talisman on, I swear I begin to know what is about to happen. It gives me a level of confidence that I will be able to guide myself and those I love to a better life, even when things around me seem very uncertain. ~ Energy Artist Julia
Energy blessed and infused by Julia using her special channeling abilities. Includes owl pendant, etched carnelian, sunstone and amazonite — all which help you see the correct path for you and those you love.
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Dear Friends,
In these times, trying to plan for the future can be scary, putting a lot of pressure on you and apprehension over what is going to happen.
And in today’s climate, nothing seems to be certain. Everyone is a little worried about what will happen next.
But when you embrace the powers of this owl spirit found in this talisman-necklace, you gain a much deeper understanding of where to go and what to do, so everything turns out right for you.
Owl spirit doesn’t even have to be your spirit animal to do this. You can simply choose to receive help from owl when you wear the necklace and it will work. 
Here’s what this necklace contains and how it helps you.
Etched Carnelian - While this stone provides passion and motivation, it also contains etched eye designs that represent the owl looking out for danger and anything that might hurt you. Some say they feel a big difference while wearing when something bad comes near.  
Sunstone - This stone not only fills you with joy and happiness, but it provides direction in life towards the best possible outcome in many situations you face. When you wear it, you know exactly where you are going, and trust that the outcome will be good.
Amazonite - Not only does this provide good luck when your future seems left to chance, but it is often used for finding missing items and hidden paths to the things you really want in your future. I wear this to find my keys when I lose them.
Energy Infused Owl Pendant
This pendant, made of German silver-coated copper, is infused with all the powers of owl spirit. 
Used often by the most powerful shamans, owl spirit allows you to pierce the darkness, discover the path to light and good, and navigate your way to a better future. In these times of fear, owl is your most trusted and useful companion. 
In fact, the ancient Welsh believed that the goddess Arianrhod could shapeshift into a large owl, allowing her to not only see in the dark but also see into the depths of the human subconscious and soul. Those who connected with her were believed to gain the same abilities.
Owl also provides strong protection from dark forces by giving you the wisdom and insight to see through deception and confusion. 
The Ainu in Japan believe the owl can warn of approaching evil while the Greek goddess Athena is often depicted with an owl on her shoulder who whispers to her hidden truths.  
Likewise, many spiritualists today believe owl spirit gives you the gift of clairvoyance, or the ability to hear the hidden meanings in the statements of others. 
Owl gives you spiritual protection in an unusual way. Rather than deflect bad energy the owl gives you forewarning of approaching trouble and gives you the wisdom to avoid these things.
Special Prayer - The Deal I Made For You
Owl is my main spirit animal who often helps me create things for you. I have asked owl spirit to enter your necklace to help you navigate troubled times, to find the best direction and move towards the highest good for you and the world.
What owl said is that he/she can help you as long as you dedicate your actions and thoughts while wearing it, as best you can towards good and the light, towards love and the betterment of all things around you.  
And when you do find prosperity and happiness, owl spirit asks that you pay it forward to others so the cycle can continue.
I look forward to helping you connect with owl, see your future and move further toward a divine existence.
Energy Artist Julia
Great Price. Priceless Value.
Talismans like this, especially ones that have the benefit of strong energy channeling, are often viewed as priceless in spiritual circles, and are passed down from one spiritual person to another, over many generations. These kind of necklaces/talismans are actually known to possess their own lives, souls and personalities. So if you can even get someone to sell you one, you are going to pay way more than what I am charging. 
What I do is create a limited number, channel a lot of energy into them and offer them to the first people spirit sends my way. I charge a very reasonable price that is far below what jewelers charge. My mission is to get these out there doing good for the world and helping you.
So if you want one, don’t wait or they will all be gone. 
Limited Opportunity To Get One Of These Treasures
I have a limited number of these. Their creation is quite energetically taxing but something I feel compelled by spirit to do as they send much good into the world. A lot of energy flows through me from spirit when I create them.
But due to the demands of channeling energies, someday I am simply going to have to stop making these type of necklaces. They won’t always be available and you don’t want to wait. I know that at some point in the future, you and whomever you pass this down to will look back and be so thankful you took advantage of this opportunity while you had it.
I look forward to sending it to you and hearing your stories of the things you are able to do once you wear it.

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