The Shamanic Healing Words Bracelet - Enhances the gift of soothing communication that heals. Blue lace agate and kyanite.

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Wear this and discover your ability to speak soothing words that heal yourself and others.
A gift of shamanic voice healing straight from spirit - straight from the land and sky.
Includes detailed instructions on how to discover your healing song. 
Energy blessed Blue Lace Agate And Kyanite
Spirit created this through me so you could learn to heal with your voice and learn your personal shamanic healing song ~ Energy Artist Julia
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Dear Friends,
Have you ever had your doctor tell you that you would be OK, and suddenly you felt better? Even considering some of this was due to the power of suggestion, there is still something very healing in the words they utter.
So what is this magic? Why can some people tell you things will be better, and suddenly they are?
For whatever reason, they have tapped into the ability to use their tone and words to convey healing upon another. It also works with animals.
So what does this have to do with this bracelet? It taps the same energies.
I had no specific intention for this bracelet when I made it. It just felt right — that these stones should go together in the way they did. 
It felt healing and was especially transformative when I or anyone else put it on. People love it and feel comfortable when they wear it. And somehow, they project that comfort to others.
In researching this stone combination, blue lace agate, and kyanite, I discovered that both are specifically for communication, healing, and meditation.
In fact, the blue lace agate is often called the caregiver’s stone because it is favored by people in roles such as nurses, doctors, or caregivers.  Putting them together was more than a stroke of luck. It was as spirit intended. I was guided to do it this way.
Why should you have it?
As new-age practitioners, as healers within our circles and families, this is the stone you want to wear when speaking with someone who is sick or emotionally upset. 
It gives you the ability to transmit gentle, soothing, supportive, and positive words to those around you. It works especially well with children and those who are really sick.
It can even work if you want to speak to yourself to heal. And, it is said to open channels of communication with spirit, our guides, and angels. You can request that they come back with you and heal yourself or others.
This is actually how I do my healings already. I ask spirit to help others. This bracelet, for me just makes it easier, and for others, it can become their main method of healing.  
Powerful Instructions Included - How The Shamans Do It - Guaranteed To Help You*
If you get this today, I’ll include a link to detailed instructions by a shaman I know on how to use it to heal yourself and others — to bring harmony and healing to all of you straight from the spirit of sky and land.  It will help you learn your personal healing song that will change your life — Guaranteed.*
Final Note - And Thanks
There will be more details on this from Laughing Raven, the shaman who has agreed to teach you how to conjure healing straight from the land. I think it is wonderful that he has agreed to share this with us.  
Energy Artist Julia

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