The Soulmate Finder "Lucky In Love" Bracelet - Energized love locating amazonite and white coral

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These Stones Help You Find The Love Of Your Life. 
The Soulmate Finder "Lucky In Love" Bracelet - Energy blessed, love locating amazonite and coral.
Guaranteed to get you on track to finding that special person.*
Spirit created this stone to help you locate the things which are missing in your life, especially love. It is actually one of the luckiest stones you can own. I call it my "lucky in love and everything else" bracelet. ~ Energy Artist Julia
This stone is so lucky when properly energized that gamblers also often wear it.
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Dear Friends,
Many of you have told me you have difficulty finding your soulmate. For some, it is a life-long quest.  
Finding your soulmate can change everything in your life. Suddenly, with them, everything seems right and you know that together you and this person can thrive in this world. 
Your soulmate may be right in front of you, or very close, and you just don’t recognize him/her. Sometimes, people come together and find that it is pure chance they didn’t meet earlier considering how close they came many times.
When I did my research, the one stone that stood out as bringing you good luck in finding what you are seeking, and also manifesting love, is amazonite. 
It also improves communication so when you meet the right person you know what to say, and so do they. The way it works is that it clears both your heart chakra and your throat chakra. 
I’ve added white coral to protect your heart during this process and temper expectations so you don't overlook what is right in front of you.
Special Soulmate Finding Blessing
With your bracelet, I will include a special blessing I have used in the past to successfully help people find their soulmate. There have been so many who call me a year later to say they have found him or her.
The blessing covers attracting a soulmate, having luck finding a soulmate, recognizing your soulmate and adds magic to your first encounter.
My Soulmate Finding Guarantee
 I guarantee that within 30 days of wearing this and practicing the affirmations I include, you will begin to feel you are on the right track to finding your soulmate and are starting to see your luck improve. You will notice a change in things around you. If not, you can return it within the first month for a refund.
Good Luck Will Come Your Way*
I want to both wish you good luck in finding your soulmate, and remind you that this stone, amazonite is also famous for bringing good luck. It is often used by those seeking fortune or even gambling to change the odds in their favor.
It makes you feel lucky, and for some reason, this kind of energy rubs off to make you the luckiest person of all … someone who has found their soulmate.
Energy Artist Julia
Special Prayer - The Deal I Made For You
For your bracelet, I asked spirit to provide the energy, guidance and especially the good luck you need to find your soulmate. I asked spirit to bring you what you want, or something even better.
Don't Wait A Single Day
You know there is no time like the present to find your soulmate, and
You have a risk free way to do this, so
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    The Soulmate finder bracelet

    Posted by Sandy on Dec 18th 2021

    This is such a beautiful bracelet, I have had many compliments. I love it ♡