The "Spiritual Detoxifier" Bracelet - Rare cut fluorite and green chalcedony clears whatever space you enter of negative energies. It even clears your other jewelry.

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Clear the negative energies from whatever space you enter just by wearing these energy channeled stones. They even clear your other jewelry.
The Spiritual Detoxifier Bracelet
Rare carved multi-colored fluorite and green chalcedony.
Converts negative energies into the powers of love, peace, harmony and positivity. Makes your space comfortable, happy and healing.... Guaranteed.*

This is what I wear to create a clear, happy healing space around me. I feel comfortable and at ease. ~ Energy Artist Julia

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Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 120-day exchange guarantee. 

Note: This is a really good price for these stones. I saw ones like this, but not even as big being sold at wholesale for more than what I am charging. I bought all they had so when these are gone, I don't know if I get more. Get yours while they are still available.


Dear Friends,
Like many of us, you may have noticed that there is a lot of toxic negativity around you. Actually, it bombards you wherever you go. With new technologies like text, phone social media and 24/7 news, it is hard to get away from it. It is a wonder we aren’t more affected by it. Maybe we are and don't know it.
Despite your best efforts, it can get you down. And this is unhealthy for you, your relationships and your family. It can put you on edge and make it so you become dissatisified.
The one stone I know of that works great in this situation is fluorite. It takes toxic negativity all around you and converts it into positive, happy and harmonious energies. Wherever you walk, it clears away disruptive and hurtful powers directed your way. 
I’ve placed some really beautiful, rare cut, carved fluorite into this bracelet for you which is guaranteed authentic, energy channeled, cleared and ready to help you dispel negativity.
I added to your bracelet green chalcedony which is known to clear out unwanted negative emotional thoughts and feelings while healing your heart chakra from past hurts.
So it heals both outwardly and inwardly.
An End To Emotional Discomfort?
What I like most about this bracelet is that it clears away that feeling of discomfort you get when you enter an uncomfortable situation where people are negative. 
It is exactly what I would wear should I have to be around the more disruptive and angry members of my family, or if I had to work with someone who was somewhat toxic, or even if I had to go pay a parking ticket. 
Whatever the situation, you just say the blessing that comes with your bracelet and you will feel more comfortable as it turns negative energies into positive ones. This doesn’t, however mean you should enter dangerous situations. So always remain safe.
It also is really beautiful and just so happens to clear all your other jewelry. It is both functional and exquisite.
I guarantee this is authentic fluorite. There are a lot of fake stones out there on the internet. I guarantee mine is real.
I also guarantee that when you wear it and follow the instructions for two weeks, you will start to notice that negativity around you is less, as it clears areas you enter. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Energy Blessed So It Works For You
Stones need to be cleared, aligned and blessed so they work well. I charge mine with spirit’s energies using the same method I use for the mass healing blessings I do. I also ask spirit that it be charged specifically for the person who will wear it. You will notice a difference the first time you touch it. 
Walk-In Joy And Beauty
I love the feeling of walking in the light, with joy, happiness, peace and beauty surrounding me. This is the spiritual state we were meant to occupy, and the stones in this bracelet can really help.
Energy Artist Julia
Don't Wait
You know you are being bombarded with negative energies, and
You know that this can affect your spiritual health and relationships, and
You know that this is a way to convert those energies to positive healing ones, and
It is guaranteed, so
Get your Spiritual Detoxifier bracelet energy before they run out.

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