The Spring Renewal Necklace - 8 stones awaken you to the joy of spring

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When I put this on, my heart opened to the beauty of spring. Suddenly I smelled the flowers, heard the birds, and felt the joy of renewal. 
The winter clouds had left my mind.
These 8 powerful stones awaken you to the natural beauty of spring anytime of the year, immersing your heart, mind and soul in its energies. Learn what they are below.

Comes in a beautiful gift box with instructions for activating and powering the stones.

I feel pure joy when I wear this. I want to go run and dance in a field of flowers. I even put it on in the middle of winter to drive away the gloom ~ Energy Artist Julia

You will not find this quality at this price anywhere. GUARANTEED authentic stones.

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee! 21" chain.

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Dear Friends,
Spring is a time when you chase away the darkness and clutter, opening your heart to new life, new energy, and new joy. It is a time of extreme healing and awakening of the inner light which joins you with all that blooms and grows.
I wanted to create a necklace that not only celebrated your spring renewal but made it more powerful, more profound, and created a bright energy of life and joy around you.  
If you are feeling at all gloomy or fearful (at any time of year), if you want to walk in the light of positivity with an uncluttered mind, this is the necklace you should wear. 
Or if you love all the new spring growth and light, this is the necklace that makes it more powerful and meaningful. 
I made it with an exquisite jade-albite pendant, a stone famous for filling you with youthful energy, happiness, joy and optimism. When you touch it, you feel like going for a walk in all the beauty that surrounds you. Its powers are heightened when you immerse yourself in nature.
I also added the following stones:
Uncut Ruby Stone - In this necklace, it helps connect you again to mother earth, to draw power from deep in the warming soil. It instills you with confidence, sensuality and personal power.
Green Diopside - This stone renews inner strength and increases love. It is associated with the Goddess of love Venus who also is linked to the creation of beautiful gardens. In ancient times it was believed to come from the Tree Of Life and was thought to facilitate eternal life.
Green Chalcedony - This stone promotes happiness and goodwill. It absorbs and dissipates negative energies so it constantly clears you, the area around you, and all your other stones.
Rose Quartz & Pink Coated Quartz - These stones open your heart to love, enhancing your connection to the most powerful of all renewing energies.
Herkimer Diamond Style Quartz - This is a high vibration stone that connects you to divine wisdom, insight and higher healing energies.  
Prehnite - This stone is known as the healer of healers. It clears negative attachments that may have accumulated over the winter. It also is a powerful stone of divination so you can see your way forward.
When you put these stones, you feel absolutely bursting with new joy and light.
Special Renewal Blessing
I have blessed your necklace with the energies of renewal, visualizing you being filled with joy and wonder that makes you want to walk in the fields, delight in the new life around you, and feel your heart soar as the spring birds sing to you.  
Fantastic Price
I spoke with a friend who owned a jewelry store and she couldn’t believe how little I was charging. She would charge three times what I ask. But my mission is to heal the world with my creations, so I try to make what I do affordable to all.
I guarantee that when you put this on, you will feel its energies of renewal. And the more you wear it, the more you will feel them. If it doesn’t work for you return it within 30 days for a refund.
Limited Quantities
I don’t have a lot of these and like many things, when I run out of these unusual stones I may not be able to get more. If you want one if you resonate with its beautiful energies, I suggest you get it while you can.
Smell The Flowers
It is time to put this necklace on, let the spring awakening fully fill you with its energies, to walk in the fields, smell the flowers and look at the clouds in the sky.
Energy Artist Julia
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