The Stone Of Youth And Vitality Energy Bracelet - Rare jade-albite and green calcite.

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This rare stone is famous for making you feel younger ... Wear it and other people think you found the secret to reverse aging.
The Stone Of Youth And Vitality Energy Bracelet 
Includes rare jade-albite from deep in the Himalayas along with green calcite.  Known to increase your youthful energy levels, spiritual health, beauty, happiness and good luck.  Guaranteed you will feel younger and more energized or you can return it for a refund. *

I look and feel younger when I wear this. ~ Energy Artist Julia

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Dear Friends,
While I was aware of the very rare, brilliant green jade-albite stone which comes from only one deposit in Northern Myanmar, I had never actually touched it. Most people haven’t because it is so uncommon.
It has a big reputation for increasing your vitality and youthfulness, bringing joy to your life while vastly increasing your luck and good fortune.  
It is believed to do this by opening your heart chakra and increasing the brightness or “shine” of your aura (attracting health and vitality). People notice this and comment on your youthful look.
I can tell you I feel more alive when I touch it, that there is a glow around me. My husband Spencer says it takes years off of me — especially my eyes seem brighter and more vibrant.
Its intense beauty seems to somehow fill you with the same energies. You look and feel more attractive.
This Is A Rarer And Even More Powerful Variation Of Jade-Albite
While jade-albite is already rare, I discovered through a dealer a variation that has beautiful white crystal formations within the green - kind of like the patterns ice crystals form.
I bought all I could find and later discovered people are selling this variation for a lot of money, when they can find it.  
Its powers are so strong you find yourself fascinated by the stone, staring into it often. I’ve made what I purchased into a bracelet which I’m offering to you while I have some left.
Why Wear It? You feel great.
To me, when I wear this bracelet it feels like it is dialing back the clock, where I feel younger, more energized and filled with vitality. And it is strong enough that people notice the difference. I find that I smile more.
The other reason to wear this is that it is one of the most beautiful, brilliant green stones you will ever find. While it is pretty in the photos, it is dazzling in person. 
I’ve added to it green calcite, which also increases vitality, but also allows you to direct those energies to bring positive changes to your life.
I guarantee that when you wear this bracelet, and follow the included instructions, you will notice you feel more youthful energy in your life. If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
Don’t Wait - This Stone Probably Won’t Last
This stone comes from one deposit, near a small village next to the Himalayas in Myanmar. No other deposits have been found. It undoubtedly will run out. And even if it does last for a while, the stones like this with the white crystal structure are rarer still, and will surely not be available in the future.
It is kind of a one-chance opportunity.
I hope you will take this chance to add vitality, energy beauty and good luck to your life. Things like this don’t last, so if you want it, act now before it is gone.
EnergyArtist Julia
What's The Hold-Up?
You know that increasing your vitality can feel incredible, and
You have a guaranteed way to increase your youthful energies, so
Order this now before we run out!
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Product Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Renee on Apr 7th 2022

    This is such a beautiful bracelet with a very soft and comforting energy. The stones are exquisite. I do feel more youthful since wearing it! So happy that I decided to purchase.

  • 5
    Just as pictured, very nice.

    Posted by Taniah on Mar 31st 2022

    A bit too big for my wrist. Will have to resize to remove two jade pieces.

  • 5
    The Stone of Youth and vitality Energy Bracelet

    Posted by Barbara Mcbain-Grant on Mar 30th 2022

    This is Excellent, as long as you believe in it!

  • 5
    stone of youth sand vitality energy bracelet

    Posted by Melinda on Mar 21st 2022

    ever since i have put on this bracelet, i have felt more energetic and lighter in body weight and spirit..which is amazing since I am almost 70 years young :)

  • 5
    Youth & Vitality Bracelet

    Posted by Pamela Garlisch on Mar 20th 2022

    I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this bracelet and how beautiful the stones were. It makes me feel special when I wear it and have tons of compliments on it!

  • 5
    Lovely bracelet

    Posted by R. on Mar 20th 2022

    Once again Julia has made a beautiful and meaningful bracelet. The feeling of youth and every I get when wearing the bracelet is wonderful. It is simply stunning.