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The Ultimate Energy Healing Fan - Clear Quartz and Black Coque Rooster

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Ritually created by a powerful shaman. These fans beam strong healing energies into you or anyone else you want to heal.
It even made my tired,16 year old dog act like a puppy again. Learn more below.
Click on video tab to see how it works. 
Hand Selected.  Energy Blessed. Black Coque Rooster With Quartz Crystal. Only 30 Available. These will sell out quickly!
14"x 3 " approx inches.
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Dear Friends,
Do you wish you could just beam out powerful healing energies and fix everything around you? I’ve actually seen it done using one of these energy black coque rooster feather and quartz crystal shakers — also known as aura brushes, energy whisks, shamanic fetishes and chakra brushes. 
At a recent new age show a lot of healers, shamans and reiki masters were surrounding and using them, swishing them back and forth over the body. They usually would start at the feet and go up the body, visualizing bad energies and impurities dispersing and falling to the ground like rain, where they were absorbed into the earth. 
Those who experienced this healing said they felt lighter and more balanced — that something had occurred that changed their sense of well being for many days or even weeks afterwards.
I tried it myself and it was pretty easy. You can do it too. It adapted itself to the healing methods I use quite quickly. It seemed to have a mind of its own, jumping in my hand and moving the way it thought would work best, much like a magic wand. These obviously have been infused with their own healing spirit.
I even tried it on my very old, 16 year old dog named Sam who cannot jump into the car. But once I used healing energies on him, and took him for a walk, he jumped right in like a puppy again. That night he also stole a food wrapper out of the trash and played with my other dog for the first time in a long time. I’m going to use it on him more often.
I had used healing energies on Sam before, but I never got these results. It seems to take whatever energies you might project and increase them ten fold.
I believe they work so well due to the energies infused by the shaman during the ritual making of them, combined with the crystal and the action of shaking the feathers which dispel bad energies.
It is like a powerful antenna beaming out pure healing light.
I hope you will give this a try. To make it easy on you I’m guaranteeing results. You can get it today, try it out and if it doesn’t work for you return it within 30 days for a refund.*
Don’t be fooled by imitations
You will see similar items online that actually are not ritualistically made by a shaman and often come from overseas factories. Those are not the same as what I offer here.
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*All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved. Note: This item is meant for protection, healing and enlightenment of the spirit only. It is not intended to substitute medical care, financial advice or other professional advice or care. The return guarantee covers only the price you paid to us for the item, less any discounts applied. No other guarantees or warranties are given. Item must be returned in a good condition where it can be resold.




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Ritually Made Crystal Fetish Energy Healing Shaker. Used to increase and direct healing energies. Available at: copyright 2019 Julia Watkins

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    Ritually Made Crystal Fetish Energy Healing Shaker. Used to in...

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  1. Immediately Effective! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 15th 2019

    I ordered this, not knowing exactly how I would use it to enhance my Reiki treatments. I've been having intense hip pain & I have been looking for something to provide more immediate relief. I did self-Reiki on my hip while waiving the fan. After about a minute the pain had subsided & flexibility improved enough for me to lay down to sleep. I was also having pain & stiffness in my hands related to repetitive motion. Another minute waving over the backs and palms of both hands, I had flexibility 100 times better than it had been all day! This is by far one of the best self-care investments I've ever made. Thank-you Julia for your gift.