The “Unstoppable” Personal Empowerment Necklace - Rainbow Tourmaline, Ruby, Pink Moonstone. Silver. Early Release.

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So many people asked for this that I decided to release it early.  
Introducing The “Unstoppable” Personal Empowerment Necklace 
Features gorgeous natural rainbow tourmaline, ruby set in silver, and pink moonstone. These help remove your negative thought patterns while increasing confidence and intuition.
It turns you into an unstoppable force of nature, a whirlwind of energy with a "can do" disposition.  You feel like you can accomplish anything. Adjustable length 14" to 30" inches.
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Note: This is a limited release item.  I only have one photo of it, and did a limited write up here.  


Dear Friends,

I had over 400 people request this rainbow tourmaline and ruby necklace when it comes out.  So I decided to release it early, before doing professional photography and a full write-up on the stones.

I’m not sure I will be able to do a full release because I only have 30 necklaces available and 400 people want to buy them. I imagine they will sell quickly.

What I can tell you about this necklace is that the natural rainbow tourmaline helps break up negative thought patterns while the ruby helps empower you to accomplish your goals. The pink moonstone taps you into the divine feminine powers of influence and instinct.

When you wear it you feel empowered, focused, and unstoppable.

I hope you are one of the lucky ones to get this necklace.


Energy Artist Julia

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