The Water Goddess Blessing Earrings - Energy infused with a powerful blessing for you from the divine feminine. Lotus Chandelier Design - Chrysocolla & Sea Green Apatite

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Receive the water goddess’ divine blessing through these unique and valuable energy infused earrings
Helps you connect to the shimmering, divine feminine, goddess powers - giving you the ability to fluidly adapt to changes in your world, never getting stuck and always moving higher and higher to ultimate spiritual transformation.
Includes a water lotus design with a very unusual and valuable chrysocolla stone plus gem grade sea green/blue apatite. Silver and silver plate.  Very light.  Only weighs 2/10 of an ounce. 
This design is a blessing and a gift from the divine feminine taking water goddess form. It activates the goddess healing and transformation powers within you every time you wear it.
~ Energy Artist Julia 

This quality is very hard to find at this price!


I guarantee that when you touch these earrings you will feel the ancient goddess powers rising within, and your world will become much easier and more manageable despite the chaos around you.  If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund* Each stone is natural and as such will vary in color by up to 30%.

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Dear Friends,
These days, we’re being asked to adapt to so many disruptive changes, which isn’t always easy. Just when you think your “new normal” way of doing things is OK, things change again. 
If you are feeling apprehensive about all the changes, you are not alone. We’re all feeling it. And people are afraid. 
So the other day, I felt spirit guide me to pick up these earrings I‘ve been working on, and the word “water goddess” popped into my mind very strongly. 
And in my mind’s eye I saw what I was receiving through them divine feminine powers of the goddess, that magnetic female force of nature we are all born to call upon when we need help or special abilities. Goddess was working through the form she takes in water.
I don’t ever look up, or think about what stones mean when I design because I want to be in flow state and just let spirit work through me. So I had to reflect on what it all meant and look up a few things. 
I realized that water goddess was giving to us, through this creation, her powers to fluidly adapt to anything- to prosper in any situation, especially helping us right now to get through all we are going through.
Once again, spirit had guided me to create just the thing that is needed by you and me, at this point in our lives. I am always surprised by just how timely spirit’s guidance is.
What Is “Goddess?”
One thing to note, that the goddess is actually the feminine, magnetic attractive force we as new age practitioners, light workers, healers and visionaries are all born to channel. She is in all of us from birth and really before that. We are her, She is us. When you call upon her, you are both reaching out and reaching within at the same time.
Learn what each of the stones means below.
Here’s what each part of these spectacular earrings do for you.
Chrysocolla. This is the main blue/green stone which is quite valuable, especially in this unusual coloration. It empowers your feminine energies. It is the stone of the goddess. When you touch it, you will feel her ancient powers rising through you, like they probably have for all the women in your lineage going back to the beginning of time.
It also cleanses and re-energises all your chakras. heals heartache and increases your capacity to embrace the most powerful energy, love. It improves wordless communication and opens psychic vision. It is known as a healing stone among some Native American cultures where it has been used to strengthen the body's resistance to emotional duress.
Lotus Chandelier. The top of the earrings represent the lotus, the sacred symbol for divine spiritual transformation. The lotus gives you the ability to rise above the murky waters of confusion and negative emotions in our society, to see things from a higher spiritual perspective and overcome anything through heightened cosmic connection and understanding.  
Sea Green/Blue Apatite. These earrings feature gem grade, clear apatite hanging from the lotus chandelier. This stone is known to clear confusion and motivate you so you can make your dreams happen. It is a powerful visionary and lucid dream stone, clearing blockages while you sleep that are keeping you from what you want, and solves problems from many different levels of consciousness all at once.
Together, these stones and design make it easy to deal with all the chaotic changes happening around you, maintaining your inner peace and using your inner powers to easily navigate this new world.
Goddess Activation Prayer Included - Guaranteed To Help You
Each pair of earrings comes in a nice gift box which includes a description of their meaning and an quick two sentence prayer so you can call on your inner goddess powers every time you feel stressed or uncertain.
I even guarantee that if you wear your earrings and follow the prayer, after two weeks, you will begin to feel the goddess powers rise within and help you deal with whatever changes come to your life. If it doesn’t work for you return it within 30 days for a refund.
Great Quality. Limited Quantities.
This isn’t just any chrysocolla. If you look around you will find that almost nobody has beautiful stones like this, and if they do they charge a lot for them. The blue apatite also is gem grade. These sorts of stones have more energy than what you will find just about anywhere else… at least at this price.
I unfortunately only have 30 pairs of earrings. I can’t get more again until the lapidaries open, which may not be soon. And even then, they may not look like this. So if you resonate with these, if you feel the goddess rising within, I suggest you get them before they are all gone.
Energy Artist Julia


What’s The Hold Up?


You know these earrings will bring you the blessings and powers you need to thrive in these chaotic times, and


You get to try it for 30 days risk free.


This kind of opportunity doesn’t come along often.

All photographic images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins  All rights reserved.

* These items are made for healing of the spirit and spiritual protection only.  They are not a substitute for medical or professional advice, financial advice of any kind or physical protection.  Our guarantee only covers the price paid directly to us for the item  -  which is our only obligation under this guarantee.  In purchasing you agree to these terms. These items are crystals, and as such are not guaranteed against breakage if you drop them or hit them against something.  If an item were to arrive damaged, you have 24 hours to let us know. Otherwise we will assume they arrived in good condition.


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    Love them

    Posted by Sue Thody on Sep 8th 2020

    Much better than I expected .

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    A very rare find

    Posted by Sharon James on Aug 4th 2020

    I totally love this. I know this stone well, and you just aren't going to find that quality stone at the price she is charging.