White Topaz “Soul Star” Chakra Energy Earrings -- Activate your soul star chakra, attuning you to higher planes of existence.

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Are you going to heaven? Using white topaz to focus on your soul star chakra can help.
New White Topaz “Soul Star” Chakra Energy Earrings --  
Activate your soul star chakra, attuning you to higher planes of existence.
Features authentic high quality white topaz gems, black patina over 925 silver and gold. Very light to wear. Energy channeled and personally blessed by Energy Artist Julia.
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Dear Friends, 
Like many of you, I’ve focused on the chakra healing system for mind and body and had great results. There’s much you can get from this, but what about the ultimate goal of transcendence, ascension, enlightenment , “going to heaven?”  
How can the chakra system help us go to the next plane of existence?
Many believe that the next step is to focus on the 8th “soul star” chakra which is located 6 inches above the head. This chakra connects you with infinite cosmic energy, supreme divine wisdom and spiritual compassion. Possibly the best crystal for this is pure white topaz.
So when I first viewed these bright white topaz earrings, and I kept sensing a white light and rainbows extending above my head and into the universe, I found my instincts were correct — that quality white topaz like this opens you to the 8th or Soul Star Chakra. Their design signifies a golden connection to the higher self, pushing you up even further to new heights.
The best description of how wearing these affect you is that you feel like a “the lady of the light.” You feel calm within yourself while knowing that there is much more you I can access. It renders you ready to journey and learn.  
And like me, If you’ve spent years working on your spiritual development, maybe its time you open yourself up to the higher planes where your spiritual growth can be accelerated in surprising and astounding ways.  
I believe it will help us both.
And I figure if I’m going to use white topaz to do this, I might as well do it with style. These are quite beautiful earrings that make a statement.
Plus I guarantee they are real white topaz. A lot of people on the internet are now selling inexpensive cubic zirconia that has no energy and claiming it is real white topaz.  
I've had a limited number of them made under exacting standards for quality. I'm sure you'll love them, especially after you feel their energies when you wear them.  They're sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and 120 day exchange guarantee.
Energy Artist Julia
What's The Hold Up?
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You know that they can help you expand your spiritual consciousness, and
You get to wear something beautiful that you will love for years and years to come, and
You get to try it at no risk to you for 30 days.
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