Help & FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions. If your question isn't answered below, you can contact us by clicking the "Leave A Message" tab.  We answer within 24 hours, M-F 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Q. Who is Julia? What are you about?
A.  Julia creates energy enhanced items to assist you in spiritual healing and transformation.  Here is a link to her bio: 


Q. Where is my package/where is my order?  


A. Log into your account at: and you can get a tracking number which you can use to track your package at  Tracking will also be sent to you by email once a package ships although sometimes those messages go to spam.


If you haven't received a tracking number within 7 days, be sure to check your spam. 


Q.  How do I exchange or return an item? 


A.  We accept returns delivered to us within 30 days of the date of sale, and exchanges within 120 days provided items are returned undamaged in a condition where they can be resold as new.  We unfortunately can't accept returns of broken gems or worn out jewelry.  We don't warranty against breakage or items which are lost or stolen.


For more detailed information and return address visit:


Q.  How do I get an item repaired or refurbished?  
A. Send detailed photos to and he will determine if it can be fixed and charges for fixing it.  Be sure to include your order number if you have it. We have a low-cost repair service.  There is a charge for repairs.


Items will wear out if worn a lot, snagged or dropped, especially stretch bracelets which will stretch out over time.  Sometimes a person will hit a gemstone on a hard surface without realizing it and later that gemstone will break.  Wear and tear, and damage is not covered under our warranty. 


Q.  When will you send my order? 
A. Because many items are made to order, most ship within 7 days.  For shipping policy and time frame, visit:


Q.  How do I energize or clear my jewelry?


Q.  Placing it in the sun for 30 seconds will clear it of bad energies, but don't place it in the sun any longer. Continuous sun rays will damage gemstones. Moonlight works better but be sure to be safe if you go out at night.


Or you can use a clearing ceremony.


Q.  Which hand should I wear my bracelet on?


A.  Most wear it on the left during the day to ensure the absorption of good energies and on the right at night to ensure good dreams.

What Is A Giclee Print? How Long Do Prints Last?

Giclee refers to a printing process that is such high resolution it is at first difficult to tell a print from an original painting.  In addition, unlike most of the wall decor you see online or in large chain stores, our giclee prints use archival, museum grade materials that allow the print to remain vibrant and colorful for over 100 years. Julia's prints are heirlooms that can be passed down. Energy Artist Julia is all about quality and value, and would never consider doing something that is non archival.  Prints are made with a high grade printer using top quality inks on fine art paper and are not textured, although they appear to be.  We do take special orders for larger, archival canvas prints as well. We don't currently offer framed art.

What Is A Matted Print?

A print mat is a white border that goes around the print and is used to offset the print from the frame.  It also protects the print from the frame which can leak acids onto the print and over time degrade its quality.  The inexpensive mats you may see in a store are usually not archival, so the mats themselves will also degrade the print.  Julia uses only archival matting so your print will be protected and remain beautiful for over 100 years. All of our matted prints fit into a standard 16" x 20" inch frame you can get in any crafts store.  Larger prints are sent rolled and not matted to save on shipping costs as due to their size, sending them matted would be cost prohibitive. 


How Long Will It Take To Get My Items?

We guarantee shipment within two weeks although we usually ship within 7 days of receiving an order.  Newly released items sometimes take a few days longer than that.  


The exception is larger unmatted prints  (larger than our smallest size) which are special order and take us three weeks to get in.  To keep prices down on larger prints we have to get them done out of state by a large format printer and their turnaround times are much longer.  


Q.  Will you do a spiritual reading for me?
A.  I no longer do individual readings.  I do general readings by subject which you can see on my blog. You can see them at:


Q.  Will you do a healing for me?


A.  I do blessings and healings for groups of individuals (up to 1,000 at one time so far) and you can request to be included. You will see them posted from time to time on my facebook page with instructions on how to be included.  Due to the large number of requests, I cannot do individual healings.


Q.  Can you help find a missing person possibly involved in a crime or help solve a crime?


A.  I'm not able to involve myself in dark energies as they can affect all the healing work I do with the items I create.