Energy Properties

Every precious gemstone, metal, and other natural material used in our jewelry contains a variety of spiritual properties that can potentially benefit you on a metaphysical level. Also referred to as energy properties, these stones and metals can help you align with certain spiritual states of being. 

Whether you are looking for more abundance in your life, spiritual healing, the power of personal transformation, the ability to communicate with spirit guides and angels more effectively, or even wisdom and enlightenment, the natural spiritual energies contained within these crystals and metals are sure to aid you. 

Understanding the differences between certain energy crystals and the various metaphysical properties and benefits that they offer can truly be transformative. Here are just some of the different energies that our bracelets, amulets, rings, and other pieces of jewelry contain:

     Tap into the law of attraction with the energy of Abundance.
     Connect with your Spirit Animals for wisdom, guidance, and strength.
     Create balance and positive momentum in your life with a better Energy Flow.
     Improve your relationships and find your twin flame with Soulmate Jewelry and art.
     Strengthen your ability to recall dreams and interpret Visions.
     Discover a new you with the power of Spiritual Transformation. 

This is just a fraction of the different properties you can take advantage of through the use of our energy-infused jewelry and art. Take a look around and click on what resonates with you the most!