Original Paintings

Allow the unique energetic qualities of a healing painting to surround you in the light and brightness you deserve. When hanging one of my energy-balanced paintings in your home, you will properly adorn your space and your life with an unparalleled art piece.  For those who are feeling “off” or feel as if there is something missing in their life, it could be that the energies around you in your daily life are overtly dark and draining. It can be difficult to escape such darkness, but fortunately not impossible. By hanging one of my healing paintings in one of your most frequently visited indoor spaces, you will be energetically satiated and replenished, ultimately diminishing the dark energies, protecting your nurturing space, and bringing about light. 

This is because each of my healing paintings is personally blessed by me, while also functioning in a specific way for bringing the most out of you, your life, and your living space. These paintings are essentially energy conduits, which cause more of your positive energies to be drawn out of you.  Any one of my healing paintings will not only create unimaginable miraculous emotions within you while also improving your overall life and happiness, but it will also make for an incredible addition to any room in which you set it. This is because all of these paintings have healing powers alongside their gorgeous, illuminating, and eye-popping color schemes.  I created these unique pieces in order to channel spiritual energies and to bring them to the right people at the right time. If you find them, it’s a sign that at least one is meant just for you. All come in varying shapes and sizes to best decorate and bless your favorite room. Namaste.