Desert Oasis. Original energy painting. 70" x 40" inches.

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Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Own An Energy Artist Julia Original. Very few ever come available.

Learn more below.  Discover why these paintings have their own life and self awareness.

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I created this painting after a trip to the desert where Spencer and I camped along a river. The evening colors in the canyon were just amazing. But more than that, as the birds flew just above the cool water, frogs and crickets chirped and the fish rose, I experienced a moment of divine introspection where I was both within and without, joining this very tranquil setting in heart and mind. Then I focused all of those energies into this painting.

The spirit of this painting, when placed in your home reaches out and soothes you, really taking you into a divine space where your heart touches a moment that really is beyond description.  And remember, whatever it does for you looking at this computer screen is 1,000 times stronger when you have the original with you.  

This painting is divinely inspired by spirit. It is more than just an energy conduit.  It has its own positive energies and self awareness. When you place it in your home, it will become your close friend and your partner in spiritual growth.  It  was created using the most powerful and sacred energy channeling methods known.  I pray that spirit will bless you with this presence and that it will soon become a major part of your life from this day forward. 

Made from fired resinated glass and paint on metal using much of the same process I use to make my jewelry.  These are like very large jewels! Size 40" x 70" Inches. 

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A Note From The Artist - A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To Own One Of These Cherished Originals

Dear Friends,
I would like to offer you a blessing, a cherished creation, really a light being wrapped in color that was made using the most powerful energy channeling methods known, under the guidance of spirit and the power of the great cosmos ... one of my original paintings. 
I've been holding onto these, rarely selling one of my original energy paintings (just 10 in the past two years) as I generally wanted to keep the collection together. In the past there was actually an application process to get one. They were nearly impossible to get otherwise. If you could even get a collector to sell you one, the price was extremely high and far more than what those people paid for it.
People have actually built additions to their homes to house these paintings which they consider to be “light beings” in and of themselves.
But the time has come over the past year for me to start placing these in homes. While there are business reasons for doing this, what is really driving me is that I feel their energies must go out into our world and spread their essence to help certain people who spirit has chosen to bring to this page to see them.  First I was pushed by spirit to sell 5, then 4 more, and now 5 more will be offered.  If you know art, that actually isn't a lot.  I know people who sell 5 a week, year after year.  The supply is very limited due to the energy I have to muster to create one.
WHY PEOPLE REVERE THESE PAINTINGS - HOW THEY MIRACULOUSLY COME TO LIFE. If you wonder why these are so loved, and you feel energies from looking at my paintings online, know that having one in your presence is 1,000 times energetically stronger than that. People often say the effect it has on them over time is an absolute miracle.  
The originals are infused with energies from up to 100’s of hours of energy channeling until they transform and seem to be born with a life of their own. When they "come to life" it is a very joyous event in my studio. You look at it one moment and it is just a painting, then suddenly it becomes filled with the spark of life. I'm completely astounded every time it happens and thank the creator for making this possible.
Those who own them will tell you that they are their own divine energetic light beings, that they have a glow within and change colors throughout the day, and that they become like a cherished benevolent spirit within the family.  You learn much from them and feel a holy nurturing presence when they are near. 
So I’m going to make a few available for about a week... or longer if only necessary. I trust that spirit will find the right homes for these paintings, really my children, as I send them out into the world to spread joy and light.
I think that if you have been placed in the path of this image, spirit has chosen you to have one.
You Should Consider It A Great Honor That You Were Chosen To Shelter One Of These Divine Energy Beings
Energy Artist Julia



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