Forest Fox Energy Painting

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Is Someone Trying To Deceive Or Manipulate You? What if you could easily see through them and use this to your advantage? Imagine how your luck would change.

The power of this Forest Fox's smart energy image makes that possible.

Learn How It Works Below 

When you place the print in your home you immediately create a positive healing space that strengthens your ability to THINK QUICKLY AND FLUIDLY. Try staring into the image right now and see how it makes you feel. This is the feeling you could have all of the time when you place the print in your home … and having it there in person is so much more powerful than looking at it on your computer.

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This energy enhanced print is hand signed by the artist. It is a top quality museum grade print made using the finest materials available. It is archival, meaning it will remain vibrant and colorful for over 100 years. 

How The Fox Gives You Smart Powers: 

In many ancient shamanic practices, embracing the energies of the fox brings to you the abilities of quick thinking and adaptability, as well as the ability to see through people who are trying to trick or deceive you.

With the forest fox as your guide, you spiritually travel the hidden paths that are beyond modern concepts of time and space. While this journey may seem long to you, to others it seems like you have gained knowledge and insights instantly and that you are able to change course quickly as the situation requires. Many will believe that you have extreme luck …. lucky beyond luck.

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 Why The Fox Is Appearing To You Now 

When the forest fox appears to you, it means you really need to take a closer look at things around you, especially relationships and possible financial dealings. Especially important is that you look for creative ways around obstacles versus hitting them head on. The fox helps you creatively overcome things that may feel much stronger than you, by using stealth and wit.

There are no coincidences. If you are seeing this, and find yourself attracted to the forest fox’s energy, you are in need of these abilities, whether or not you know exactly why just yet. Stare into this energy channeled image and feel the mists of confusion lift from your mind … see your true path stretch before you. Many people who do this suddenly realize why they need this energy now.

Let This Forest Fox Energy Image Transform You Right Now. Stare into it and say to yourself “My mind is now sharp and I can quickly overcome any obstacle. I can see the intents and purposes of all statements made to me by others and instantly know them to be true or not true. My luck has changed and it is amazingly good. I feel smart and wonderful.

Focusing on the image and saying these simple words will set the universe in motion to make them true for you ... so please do it now.

Can you feel the difference this has already made? Many say they feel a great sense of relief when they allow the Fox into their heart and that they feel so much smarter.

Note: The fox does not have to be your primary spirit animal for you to benefit from these energies! You can actually have more than one spirit animal. Sometimes they only appear to you for a very short time in your life when you most need them which is probably the reason you have been shown the fox this very day. 

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 Energy Enhancement - This Is No Ordinary Image 

The artist who made this energy image, Julia Watkins is world renowned for channeling astounding energies into her creations … so much so that they seem to come alive for those in tune with metaphysical powers. Each piece, whether it is a print or jewelry, emits a strong energy, that makes it much easier to overcome problems and the deceptions of others. 

We Guarantee This will Help You 

In a world of few real guarantees, we give one that goes way beyond what others would even consider. We guarantee that if you order a Forest Fox Energy Pendant or Print, and focus on it each day, you will find your mind sharper and your ability to detect the deceptions of others greatly enhanced.

* If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

What's The Hold Up? 

You have a guaranteed way to overcome whatever gets in your way. You get to try it risk free for 30 days.



Once again, we only have 12 of these available as a test market and do not plan to produce more unless we get quite a few additional requests. Recently people have missed out on short term items such as these because they did not get them when available. Don't wait!

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*Your recourse and our obligations under this guarantee are limited only to the price paid by you to us. No other guarantees or liabilities are conveyed and you agree to the same. This is not a substitute for seeking legal protection, financial advice or the help of a medical professional in instances of abuse, danger or medical problems. 


All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.