"New Bohemian" Collection

It’s no secret that life and the universe can occasionally test your limits. They can supply you with beautiful people and experiences that make you appreciate your existence. However, they also toss negative and dark energies your way as well, making life difficult and stressful. In order to best protect yourself and your energy from those latter occurrences, you need to properly prepare and protect yourself. This can be best accomplished by meditating, self-reflection, yoga, and other such methods. However, the most undeniably advantageous way of doing this is by wearing blessed jewelry. 

That is why I recommend you add any one of my pieces from the New Bohemian Collection. All of these necklaces, earrings, and bracelets have been consciously created with your energy preservation in mind. Each piece of jewelry operates in different ways depending on the piece. They can boost your mood, shield you from dark energies, reverse bad luck, receive life blessings, help you identify enemies, access higher planes of spiritual presence, and so much more. 

On top of these admirable and unique purposes, they have also been blessed by me prior to packaging. These blessings work to vastly improve these purposes by making them more forceful and apparent, bringing you optimal results. Not only can these jewelry pieces improve your overall life, but they can even improve your outfits, as they are all stunning and well-crafted. Each one is created with a hammered metal finish with other high-quality materials, such as platinum plating, stainless steel, opal, labradorite, leather, silver, and more. 

You can find the right piece for you from the New Bohemian Collection by browsing each one, thinking deeply about what you need most from a blessed piece of jewelry, and choosing the one that stands out to you most. Namaste, friends.