The Moon And Stars Pearl Wishing Necklace - Make a wish and watch it come true.

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Not only can your wishes come true, but you can get even more than you wished for.*
The Moon And Stars wishing necklace - gorgeous pearl and gold star (plated) design is energy enhanced to empower and manifest your dreams -- or give you something even better than what you wished for.
Learn how it works below. Comes with instructions for making your wishes come true.*
“Don't give up on your dreams.  Place them close to your heart with this wishing energy necklace.” Energy Artist Julia
Hand made in a sacred space -- our Gypsum Colorado USA new age studio. Adjustable size 16" to 28" inches. Large, high-quality coin wishing pearl with thick nacre and beautiful translucence.

You will not find this quality at this price anywhere. But we only have a few available so act now.

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(An original Energy Artist Julia Design)


Dear Friends,
I remember looking up at the moon, crying and wondering what would become of me and my life … wondering where I would go after I had been so thoroughly crushed and betrayed.
The dreams I had as a child were gone. Half of my adult life was gone, and I didn’t know where to go from there. But later I saw a shooting star, made my wishes anew and from that moment forward things began to move towards the beautiful and interesting life I have now. It wasn’t easy at first, but things did get much better.
If you find yourself in this position, or even if you have just lost sight of your dreams, you are not alone. A lot happens in our lives and it is not uncommon to forget, or put on the back burner your dreams and wishes. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Spirit told me, when I was guided to make this, that this necklace is specifically for casting of wishes -- and finding once again the hopes and dreams you may have given up on.
Spirit thinks it is so very important you never forget your dreams. It is the magic that will hold you together through all the ups and downs.
This wishing necklace includes a gold plated star which is channeled with the wonder of seeing a shooting across a nights’ sky. It also has a really nice quality coin pearl, believed to be the moon’s sister, bringing to you the powers of gently flowing natural rhythms, peace and harmony that are absolutely necessary to properly make a wish.
One of the main things this wishing necklace does is give you a place to energetically hold your dreams and wishes, so you never forget them and so they are ever-present in your mind. It holds a bit of your deepest magic, waiting for the opportunity to make your wishes come true.
How Your Wishes Can Come True*
Now I know people will ask if wearing this will make all their dreams come true. And the answer is complicated. 
Spirit sometimes has other plans for you, which is always why I advise those making a wish to ask for the thing they want, or something even better. They say that one of spirit’s greatest gifts can be unanswered prayers. God gives you what you really need, which is not always what you think you want. 
I can tell you that if you use this to make wishes and hold your dreams together using the included wishing instructions, that you will grow in many ways you never imagined, and that you will one day look back and see things have become far better than you could have imagined.
What I can also do for you is channel a blessing where this will help focus you on what is truly important in your life, that it will help you grow around and through the wishes you make, and that spirit will put you on a divine path of transformation and growth. 
So in a sense, you will get more than you wished and hoped for.
Please, when you get this, be sure to follow the instructions and watch your life change in positive ways into something better than you could have ever hoped for.
Energy Artist Julia
Limited Quantities - Hurry
I’ve made all of these I can, but that's not a lot. If I get a lot of requests after I sell them, I will try to get more materials, but there are no guarantees. 
If you want this, and the love energies it attracts, I suggest you get it while you can.
Last Chance - Please Don't Wait
You know that you can greatly benefit from manifesting your wishes and dreams, and
You get to wear something beautiful, and
You get a risk free, so
Act now before these are all gone.
This comes in a beautiful gift box with a card explaining its energies, so it’s also a perfect gift for a sister, daughter or significant other.

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*Note: These items DO NOT replace the need for medical treatment or counseling, financial advice or physical protection if you are your family are in a dangerous situation. We do not guarantee that all of your specific wishes will come true.  Our obligation under this warranty and guaranty is limited only to the price paid directly to us for the item, and in purchasing you agree to release us from all other obligations.


Product Reviews

  • 5
    The Moon and Stars Pearl Wishing Necklace

    Posted by Unknown on May 1st 2023

    Love It!

  • 5
    Worth the wait

    Posted by Cindy on Apr 5th 2023

    I had been keeping an eye on this one for a while and was so grateful when I finally got it. It's so beautiful and it's power is amazing. First day I wore it some wishes I made did happen.

  • 5
    Moon and star pearl wishing necklace

    Posted by Cynthia Krejcsi on Jul 5th 2021

    This is such a beautiful piece! I feel happy and positive when I wear it. Although it is basically creamy white, the colors that reflect from the nacre are lovely blue, green, magenta, and gold, depending on the light. The soft leather adjustable cord is a real plus and enables you to wear it with a variety of necklines. It's a very unique piece.

  • 5
    Moon and stars necklace

    Posted by Elisabeth Boult on Jun 13th 2021

    I recently received the Moon and Stars necklace and it is perfect! I feel such a positive change when I wear it,like changes are about to happen! The fact that you can adjust it to wear at any length is a plus! It’s very comfortable and looks great with anything! I am so happy I ordered it!

  • 5
    Moon & Star Wish necklace

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 22nd 2021

    This has become my favorite piece . I love that it can be worn at any length you need. Beautiful looking, no weight onyour neck.