The Moon And Stars Magical Wish Earrings. Helps you manifest all your wildest dreams on a starlit night. Pearl and white topaz in a sacred design.

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“When I saw these, it reminded me of all the dreams and wishes I’d had on starlit nights, and I began to believe that they really could come true.”

Presenting: The Moon And Stars Magical Wish Earrings

Energy-enhanced design featuring pearl and white topaz in silver to help your dreams and wishes come true.

I love telling all the people who ask about them that one earring represents the moon and the other the stars! ~ Energy Artist Julia

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.
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Dear Friends, 

I remember a night early in our relationship, when Spencer and I lay on a blanket under the stars, professed our love, and promised each other the moon and the stars — committing to the life we wanted together - our dreams, hopes, wishes, and aspirations.

And now, 20 years later, after practicing the very same law of attraction meditations we provide with every jewelry piece I send you, we pretty much have what we want. 

Although what we have now isn’t exactly what we thought we wanted back then, we see spirit’s wisdom in getting us to basically the same place we dreamed of, but not necessarily in the way we would have imagined. In fact, in many ways, it is even better.

So with this creation, these magical energy-infused earrings, I give you a meditation that comes with a promise — a guarantee that if you follow it, your life will become what you want it to, or even better.  

While this takes practice, which takes time, I do guarantee that you will start seeing some positive changes within 30 days.  If it doesn’t work for you, return it within that time for a refund.  

How They Work

One earring contains a pearl, representing the moon and helping you tap into the mystical and magical parts of our world — the powers that make the manifestation of your dreams and wishes easier.

The other earring contains a beautiful faceted white topaz representing the stars.  It is a stone that enables higher chakra communication with spirit so you can ask for what you want.

Together they are designed to represent all the things you dreamed of under the stars and want to manifest now.

And, I’ve gone to spirit and asked that they help you more easily make those dreams come true.

They come with a meditation card, that when practiced, activates the powers of the earrings and sets moon and stars on a course to bring you a life filled with magic and wonder that not only is the stuff of dreams but is more than you expected.

And while the earrings reach the peak of their power when you look up at the moon or stars, they also work throughout your day.

Did I Forget To Mention That They Are Really Beautiful?

I love what these do, and how they get me to think about my dreams when I wear them.

But also, these are just really fabulous. They make me feel special when I wear them.

Don’t Wait - Made only one time

These really do help you focus on your dreams and make them happen.  But I have cast only a very limited number.  And like many of my pieces, I probably won’t make more.

So if you resonate with these, I suggest you get them while they are available. 



Energy Artist Julia

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